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fri 20 apr 01

i go to bed, and take my fave 'american aces' by edward h. sims with me. great stories of ww2 fighter pilots ...

i might ... just might ... have a temporary discussion group thingie working in php, that i can back in here. maybe tomorrow.


zope.org: rdf summary.

bbedit 6.1. carbonized, 'use emacs key bindings', etc.

hey, someone actually used my permalinks. that makes all the work worthwhile. nice pix, btw. just wait till you catch my new links/directory ... in about a week.

salon: arianna huffington on the pharmaceutical industry. after working with those in the industry, their profit percentages are astronomical. the fundamental question: does profit-taking ignore human suffering?

btw, yesterday topped out at 3,958 'page views'. without the benefits of webtrends, i would never have known that many of them were page refreshes from the same ip. and, to my amazement, i've been getting crossover traffic from my old array site, because of the search term 'nude wet men.'

maybe i could start a mail-order tumbleweed business. anyone want one? a nice four-footer just smashed past my window, landing in the courtyard ...

well, get this, new mexico fans ... we've got wind gusts of 70 mph forecast for today. *70*. yesterday topped out at about 60. and this is going to continue for another two days. one client left a message this morning, "hi, haven't called in a while. looking for a status update. and what do you think about these mongolian winds?"

nytimes: movie review of 'the claim.'

reuters: don't get your barber angry.

spark-online: through the looking glass [television].

atlantic monthly: russia is finished. could it happen to us?

atlantic monthly: 'word imperfect'. a broad swath of classical literature obviates the need for roget's ...

st. petersburg times: internet aids looters at florida archaeological sites. might webcams might solve the problem at unattended sites ... ?

mac: new wacom tablet driver, 4.60-6.

opera 5.11. mostly small fixes, a startup crash with svg viewer, etc.

sourceforge: open source school website ... ?

webreview: review of webcatalog. what a price! oof.

webref: beginning xhtml, printing and paginating media.

vaults of parnassus: pywisard, a 'weightless neural network' in python.

gack. now that's the *fourth* place i've seen that free photodisc scan of a plaster-cast eye used in a banner ad or logo ... c'mon, is it *that* difficult to shell out for some original photography?

slashdot: guido van rossum unleashed.

slashdot: what happened to all the internet redundancy? har-de-har-har.

netsecurity.org: starting points of a secure linux system.

newsforge: ibm's new thinkpad with dvd playback. softdvdmax still is not working properly in win2k; i'll have to look into the software used here. i'm having a 'blade runner' deficiency ...

phpbuilder: dynamic generation of static web pages.

o'reilly: setting up wireless cards on freebsd. quaint url.

geeknews: the terrible secret of space.

dpreview: impress digital camera magazine online.

dpreview: first nikon d1x samples online. almost 2.5 megs a pop, but it's a six megapixel camera ... later tonight i'll take a look at some of these ... and dream.

cnn: bmw c-1. motorscooter with a crash shell. 80 mpg? bring it on over, folks.

busy morning. typing this with one hand, holding shift key down on the other machine while it reboots ...