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sat 21 apr 01

... if you want to kiss the sky, better learn how to kneel ... on your knees, boy ...

another gallery up. fifteen. a spin to fedex, jackalope, wholefoods ... a nasty surprise at the end.

waiting for some jungians to deconstruct the 'survivor' series. there is a wealth of mythical metaphor packed in to each episode. much to be learned about human interaction & behavior.

i've got a temporary discussion group working, via other hosting space in my arsenal. don't beat it to death, please. it *will* break. i need some more time during this transition from zope 2.2 to 2.3, as well as design-wise. enough people want it back, so i figured a patch was in order ...

four air force jets just came over ... 'finger four' formation.

nytimes: finally, *someone* jumps on what i've been saying for years. computers haven't reduced the amount of paper used; they've exponentially increased it. want to save a spotted owl? don't print that email.

nytimes: link between soot and illness. now, one would imagine common sense would eliminate the need for major science on something like this. i wonder how this will affect diesel school buses ...

mac: pepper 3.6.3.

newscientist: speaking of which, it seems the overuse of antibiotics in farm animals is altering our very landscape. wake up, america. let's head this disaster off right now.

newscientist: here's a looey for you. sunscreens seem to cause estrogen-like effects, hormone effects. it's not mentioned here, but could the lavishing of sunscreens on our children be causing the apparent 'early puberty' more so than other factors? i don' wanna be no hummuffadite!

diverge: netbsd security processes and services.

unix review: a mime is a terrible thing to waste.

the jolly tars at the register head for the bomb shelters ... over a bundle of sticks.

kuro5hin: lesbian affair for rachel of 'friends'? again, interesting discussion. makes me wonder about abbott & costello ...

kuro5hin: britain has a supply of smallpox. interesting commentary, mostly anecdotal. if the soviet union manufactured tons, i would have to assume that organized crime in russia has spread these items to various middle eastern nations ...

via geeknews: 250 full color biz cards for free from vistaprint.

xslies, xml presentations. little better than the usual basic text 'death by bullet point' slide show.

sunny, breezy, about 50 right now in ole new mexico. the wind even blew the firewood twenty feet. sheesh.