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sun 22 apr 01


clearing in the afternoon.

snow in the morning.

you know, one would imagine that certain search terms would be present each and every day ... the ones where your blog ranks in the top ten. doesn't seem to happen here. i get wildly divergent search terms just about every day. today's hit: "photos of wrecked semi-trucks."

tom's hardware guide: dual processor, amd 760mp.

well, well. someone on kuro5hin thinks weblogs suck. demonize blogging, it's a guaranteed traffic getter.

i took the opportunity of doing an informal poll amongst some non-tech acquaintances yesterday, just because cam, ev and dave's postings got me curious. the result? 1/3 of the group thought microsoft ran the internet. 3/4 thought bill gates was trustworthy because he runs a huge charity and 'does great things for humankind.' none could tell me exactly what, but got very defensive. "something about aids, or that 'michael j. fox' disease, isn't it?'" and even better, with a dose of indignation: "there's nothing you can say that will make me view that man negatively!" they all felt he was being unfairly treated by the justice department. welcome to average america, walmart shoppers.

nytimes: inescapably connected. doing a/v shows in the 80's and 90's, i used to so look forward to my flight to the presentation site. it was the only time i couldn't physically accomplish anything for the show; subsequently, i got to sleep, rest, listen to cd's, read ... in other words, completely relax. i don't know how i would be able to deal with a deadline on an airliner ... probably just dissolve in one humongous panic attack. stewardess! a double scotch, please. with knockout drops ...

motherjones: the 2001 winners of their 'photo fund' grants.

our current weather in santa fe. they say 48, my thermo on the back porch isn't even tipping 30 ... and it's hard snow.

of course, we should have been at war with japan in 1937 ...

ed's photos. kunming, china. people tend to forget we americans spent eight long years fighting with the chinese to hold back the japanese advance in asia. our fighter pilots defended kungming. surely there must be common ground we can find, in spite of current events ...

lingua franca: where did all those american draft-dodgers go?

lingua franca: amelia deeks and h.g. wells.

the albuquerque journal reports that the technology layoffs that have hit the nation, have bypassed new mexico. our employment is still holding strong.

santa fe new mexican: looks like i was wrong about the radioactive wipp shipments. they're increasing! the trucks pass a mile from my house ...

telegraph.uk: best author you've never heard of.

telegraph.uk: museum de spam.

fetch 4 is up to beta 8.

slashdot: review of the dish.

phpmyboard. cute.

nytimes: today, a thoroughbred ... tomorrow, ken-l-ration. *ahem* where's peta?

just took a shot of it snowing; i'll post it later. quite a contrast from the photos yesterday. 'course, by afternoon, the weather will change all over again. but i need to recognize the fact that i should be happy for moisture, in whatever form it chooses to arrive in ... !!

if you haven't checked out andrea's pics of england, go over right away. here's day 4.

and here i was planning to go rollerblading. nope ... don't want to rust those bearings.

okay, who's the wise guy? it's *snowing* here right now. it's even accumulating a little bit. goooood grief!