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tue 24 apr 01

more images. gallery sixteen is up. a walk on the rail trail. nothing spectacular, no flights of artistic fancy. just a walk in a quiet place, exploring the old railroad bed.

here's a good one: top 20 for 'free dead torture pic.' why on earth ... a 'free' one?

and that's a joke, if you didn't get the thoreauvian literary reference ...

if nothing else, sometimes it's nice to know that i'm not the only one living a life of 'quiet desperation' ...

anti-blog sentiments seem rife. well, i'll say this. my adopted grandfather kept a strict diary every day of his adult life. temperatures, weather most days. but some things stood out. like his sisters being flirted with ... by an individual who changed the course of history. archduke ferdnand. these unimportant personal anecdotes may mean nothing now, but ... remember that mice can roar. that recorded personal experience put a human face on what was 'just another name' in the history books for me. i'm sure archaeologists wish that the ancients had weblogged ... future cultural anthropologists [at least] will feel we are giving invaluable 'flavor' to this, the internet era.

reuters: smdi wants to suppress study that shows copyright protections are breakable.

guardian.uk: surf the web via wap, on your browser. no waiting. thanks, traumwind.

you run across a bit of everything on the net, don't you? the fascist ideology of star trek.

nytimes op-ed: hot companies to invest in now. atrophy consulting ... i love it.

nytimes: court allows arrest for minor violation. if the location of the incident is the lago vista i'm thinking of, on lake travis, then this is pretty egregious. it's an affluent residential development with narrower-than-standard roads, slow speed limits ... and only one exit road. i'm sure many people pop down to the store without their purses or wallets. arrest? overkill, even if the lady was screaming and yelling. let's hope this case isn't used as a baseline. there's too much search and seizure baggage tied to the legal term "arrest." i fear the old 'everyone's a criminal; you just have to look in the right places' routine.

kaycee is facing an irreparable liver complication.

andrea's got the goods on the eden project, in photographs.

i can't help thinking they should just let tim mcveigh rot in prison, a la rudolph hess and others in spandau. it would polarize those who would make him a martyr. i already foresee 'mcveigh execution videos' available on the net, in grainy mpeg.

mozilla 1.0 schedule pushed back. september 2001. not really a surprise. i'd rather have it *complete*, personally.

phpmyeditor. coding front ends to mysql in php, the easy way.

70south left a note in my 'temp' discussion group. all the news about antarctica. and they use zope!

the albuquerque journal reports that estrogens, traces of *anti-depressants* are showing up in our water. mainly treated effluent, re-released into the watershed. you are what you eat. then you drink. yuck.

nytimes: the confusion over drilling in the arctic wildlife refuge. i smell congressional blackmail on the horizon. either we drill in the artic refuge, or we drill on western 'public' lands ... both results will occur, i fear.

nytimes: maximum heart rate may only be a rough calculation. if you've been biking, running or any other kind of exercise with a polar heart monitor, you know this to be true.

nytimes: the bush 'legacy' in texas. 'course, if you've ever driven i-40 across arkansas, you know where the worst-maintained interstate in the u.s. is ...

reuters: the high priest of the british white witches isn't happy with the current search for nessie.

lingua franca: 'he's a replicant!' i thought this was an old article, otherwise i would have linked it over the weekend. via arts & letters.

ctnow: jack kevorkian, fine artist.

bbc: ftc goes after the music industry. and joe camel was just another dromedary ...

mac: bbedit 6.1.1. immediate fixes to some crashing problems.

windows: quicktime 5.01.

pyxml, now with windows installer.

motley fool: how aids threatens drug makers.

xmlhack: moving forward with rdf.

hmmm. blackholebrain best watch out. the british flying saucer bureau is closing due to 'lack of sightings.' then again, who wants to mutilate a cow that has foot-and-mouth?

linux iso: book review, postgresql, introduction and concepts.

freebsd 4.3.

the register: flat-panel monitor prices will continue to fall. *sigh* another variable to add into the color-balancing mix ... red on an lcd is nowhere near a red on a crt.

macnn: behind the scenes of myst 3.

linuxtoday: why microsoft is a dinosaur. let's beat the dead horse from another angle, shall we? there's a difference here ... *this* dinosaur can evolve.

kuro5hin: tom kilburn, co-inventor of random-access memory, died in january of this year. rip.

speaking of which, geeknews reports php use is on the rise. this comes as no surprise; it's an easy climb up the knowledge ladder and extremely well documented, thanks to wrox and others.

php roadsend sitemanager. if you have to manage a large site in php, this looks worthy of closer inspection.

more client meetings this morning. sorry for the lateness here.