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thu 26 apr 01

have i mentioned lately how much i love zope? my life is so much easier now than with the old design. can't say it too many times; thanks, luke!

also, there'll be a new gallery or two this weekend. something a bit different.

here, i'll prove it ... xml.com: an introduction to prolog and rdf.

no, this isn't going to turn into a rant, or a weeklong diatribe. just ran across stuff, and had my memory tickled.

at least bush jr. seems to clearly understand that it's energy prices that rule our economy. though what cost that will be to our environmental initiatives, god only knows. we should have been continuing to work alternatives after carter ...

i also have a partial quote from dick cheney, claiming reagan misstates no more or less than any other politician ...

even better, during the '80 campaign debates: "i have submitted an economic plan that i have worked out in concert with a number of fine economists in this country, all of whom approve it and believe ... that it can provide for a balanced budget by 1983 if not earlier ..." reagan's deficit, the bush sr. recession ... it's a wonder they allow any supply-siders inside the beltway. what a short memory we have. where are the journalists to recall this history, these facts, to our collective memory?

a doozy: "mr. carter is acting as if he hasn't been in charge for the past three and a half years; as if someone else was responsible for the largest deficit in american history." deficits were 195 billion under carter -- after one reagan term, they were at approximately 800 billion.

been digging through my old stuff again, found my reagan clipping file ...

anyone remember 'otis oracle' and 'senator bedfellow' from bloom county? pear pimples for hairy fishnuts?

i had forgotten that reagan sent vice president bush over to china in the early 80's, then put his foot in his mouth, in similar fashion to our own george w. bush. we had reagan 'misstating' daily here in america, bush sr. stuck over in china, trying to make sense of the gobbledegook reagan was spouting. should we be thankful bush sr. didn't end up as stirfry?

shameful stats i just ran across: out of 57 million children under 15 years old in the u.s., 14 million live below the poverty level. more children and adolescents die of *suicide* than of cancer, aids, birth defects, influenza, heart disease and pneumonia combined. [nytimes magazine, 1995].

y'know, i have enough room on my property to put up a scale model of stonehenge. i could put climbing holds in the verticals, and have a great place to exercise. anybody got any rocks?

where can you see cavemen, a model village, and a brand-new toyota mr2? only at spicynoodles! so i'm american. shoot me. i like that car.

because of the albuquerque journal's linking costs, i'll use the albuquerque tribune instead.

nytimes: university of utrecht merges old and new ... architecturally.

nytimes: smdi and riaa win ... professor won't submit paper, because of risk of litigation. the legal system as rich man's weapon.

too durn lazy to go back after them ... there'll be others.

well, i had more postings, but i just lost them. go figure. sunspots?

santa fe new mexican: an explosion at the intersection of early street and cerrillos. probably a gas leak. this is just south of wholefoods, which was completed only a short time ago. they've also been doing road work in the area.

nytimes: china's reaction to bush's taiwan comments. with just a few words, an entire region is destabilized. i'm sure the already-overworked asian diplomats are burning the midnight oil over this one ...

the center for book culture has their sights on harold bloom.

central europe review: we fear, therefore we create?

forbes: the met's head fake.

amaya 4.3.2.

what xml will not do.

webref: professional javascript: browser compatibility. hide your eyes, ray ... (grin) ...

webref: xsl to xslt convertor.

anandtech's story of their site and server upgrade, on a budget.

linuxnetmag: setting up fetchmail for your lan.

itworld looks at the metrowerks ide for linux.

macnn forums: g4 vs. athlon.

the register looks at jxta. buzzword-compliant ...

linuxplanet: making plug-n-play work.

kuro5hin: infringement != stealing. a different 'semantic' web, hard at work.

cnet: aol and microsoft at loggerheads in browser deployment. 'software called komodo' indeed. also, comments from the register.

times of india: stephen hawking to get a new voice.

mysql navigator.

another update to opencms.

gnome xml editor, alpha.

workin' on it ...