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fri 27 apr 01

the quotes for this week are random pulls from berke breathed's bloom county 'loose tails' book.

nytimes: the liberty bell gets x-rayed. bong, bong ... god lives?!

reuters: dick cheney joins the foot-in-mouth club over sino-american relations.

cnn: bush daughter cited for alcohol possession. all kids sneak into clubs ... but isn't jenna the one who got in the tabloids?

now for some dinner, after being dampened ...

today's pastiche:

if you're in new york this weekend, sounds like you should head over to the brooklyn botanic garden's cherry blossom festival ...

nytimes: bush pays tribute to bullock. seems the real story here is the vehemence of the protesters. and this, in his home state ...

nytimes: carson city, nevada has an alarming rate in the increase of leukemia. note the last paragraph ... 'arsenic in the water' is on the list.

zope 2.3.2, ladies and germs ...

zdnet.uk: cobalt drops plans for 'cube lawsuit.' why fight over a dead product? still, if apple put a decent processor in it ...

techweb: google defies dotcom downturn. [note, i didn't use the term dot-b...]

dpreview: infotrends thinks digital minilabs will be the key to digital photography popularity. huh? i've got a color printer, and photoshop. i don't need no photolab ...

anyone have a recommend on a pcmcia ethernet card, so i can hook to the dsl line? for win2k, of course.

earthlink just called. dsl is available now in this calling area. lord help me, i ordered it. after everyone's earthlink horrors, i hope this works out; they've been good for my dialup. my productivity will triple ...

whacky. thunderstorms in the area; one just 'grew' right over the house. strong downdrafts are making our blinds vibrate like crazy over the open windows. no rain yet, no thunder, no lightning. [of course, i'm speaking too soon.]

... another bloom county moment ... remember 'penguin evolution' vs. 'scientific penguinism'?

santa fe new mexican: simply purchasing low-flow toilets, shower heads and rain barrels can save quite a bit of water. now they're *thinking* ... i'm proud of our town.

nytimes: the oldest city in the americas.

cnn: survivor-speak, "outback daddy." silly. anyone watching knows what she meant. if you insist on keeping your mind in the gutter, you'll never see beyond the gutter.

national review: linguistically challenged. the national review is an american conservative publication. those of you in europe and other non-english speaking countries should give this a quick glance. it left me speechless, in all tongues.

dallas news: senators aim to target explicit movies and games. the 'food label' idea is entertaining. i'd love to see a cd with quantities of slang terms listed on the back ... complete with scholarly definitions.

artsjournal: is globalisation turning the world into a boring [american] monoculture? i believe so ... even travelling around inside america, it's difficult to find regional culture, regional cuisine.

via securityfocus, the register: win2k easier to deface than nt. this, if widely publicized, should sell a lot of linux ...

i still won't link cnet if they have the big ads. there's an article over there about ibm developing 'self-healing' servers. if i find another reporting service, i'll post it. later: i think jeff agrees ...

thisislondon: three european missile manufacturers join forces to compete against america's raytheon. interesting. they don't need us.

eetimes: fuel cells for portables?

zope: parsedxml 1.1b1.

xmlhack: xsltunit, a framework for testing transformations. webreview: building your site's backbone: navigation.

webref: the art of cross-browser table building. focus on dynamic (resize) table construction. could have used this with my last design ... (grin) ...

security news' top story is about making private medical information available online. there are statements from the ama and verisign. worthy of a read.

rootprompt: cheap/linux/prompt.

unix review: using iptables.

interarchy, the software formerly known as anarchie, moves to 4.1 and os x.

arkaos has posted a beta of their visualizer plugin for itunes.

linuxplanet: gnotebook, what do we owe? interesting conundrum. when do you shell out to help a company, and when do you let it go?

kuro5hin: being poor is expensive.

also geeknews: clear pc case project. for those who want to watch their pentium fry ram ...

via geeknews: asciibabes.com.

busy. postings soon.