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mon 30 apr 01

cnn: now i have to go to germany. i want to fly in a zeppelin.

zdnet: bound to happen. e-sales taxes are coming.

devshed: zend cache review.

the *final* (for now) zope book.

techweb: content under glass.

kuro5hin: do programmers have it all backwards?

workflow tools.

9 p.m.: things are working again. galleryseventeen is down until i get ftp working properly. thanx for your patience.

you're watching 'idiot zope driver' in action today, folks.

this is funny. i've got one domain name pointing to *two* zopesites. install siteroot on one, make a mistake ... can't change it because it keeps changing the *other* site ... wha-hooo!

nope. spoke too soon ... whacky. whacky, whacky, whacky. don't have time to debug; back later.

i've got just about everything working on the new server, i think. should be faster. any breakages, email me.

santa fe new mexican: 'low rider' show in española. most never see the streets, because they're too expensive!

changing servers today; be prepared for a bit of the bizarre. you may come here and find it's yesterday, at some point ...

nytimes: gore's silence. probably waiting for the final multiple-news-agency florida recount report ...

nytimes: caucs are the minority in many big cities.

cnn: a collective literary experience. town and schools read the same book.

cnn: u.s. commission on religious freedom lists persecuting countries. i would also be interested in a report on persecuting religions ...

new yorker: 'restoring' a dance work? many times mere words fail to describe things well. i can't quite get the wordsmithing around this subject.

new criterion: perils of designer tribalism.

salon: radio broadcasting. corporate america, looking out for your best interests, again.

nytimes: guggenheim online.

versiontracker: macssh 2.1b5.

internet product watch: fast page 3.0. sounds template-and-macro-ish. just fyi.

phphead: phpnewsletter.

lambda news: uniprocessor garbage collection.

'the stupidest zope product ever is released.' i think it sounds cool.

the register: microsoft issues a bounty on the os-less ...

linux net mag looks at seti.

i've had four different calls from recent web-curriculum graduates looking for work. now, i have to ask a question. is 'arrogance' the first and only course taught? none have a reasonable script to recite over the phone, none are well-spoken, none can describe what they do best ... but they *do* want to tell you what you should be doing, and how you should be doing it. no offense to web grads in general; it's just the day, i know. coincidence ...

infoworld: nicholas petreley on running the gamut of web publishing systems. thanks, tj.

i'm not looking, but if you want still-photos of 'lord of the rings', look here.

pgmarket, e-commerce in php.


we're with you, susan.

my layout for the galleries will have to change, for 'tourist' sites. there's too much to tell. probably have to migrate to a two-column format. we'll see.