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wed 02 may 01

of course, with a deadline tomorrow morning, the scanner decides to 'soft-focus' everything ... erk.

zdnet: macromedia misses earnings estimates.

zope: zexternal news. capture and display that rss/rdf channel in zope. [sound of hands rubbing together.]

linuxtoday: eric raymond, beware the microsoft shell game. as i surmised earlier this year, microsoft's advantage over open source is a cohesive p.r. department.

linux-ecology how-to. saving the environment one linux box at a time ...

if you're a perl/linux tv junkie, check out tvguide.

0.5.2 of phpweblog is released.

meadow break:

just when i needed a bit of comedy in my day, our administration continues to impress. now i can concentrate on other things.

okay, now we're reviewing, not suspending military contact with china. a rum go, guv'nor. but what about the black berets? the world wonders.

globe and mail: scientists warn biotech may harm food supply. "... a result of sloppy farming practices and the 'arrogance' of biotechnology researchers and regulators ..."

editml. xml, xslt, etc. etc. windows only.

nytimes also has a 'military analysis' of the missile shield implications. i don't understand this whole thing; mixed messages abound. i'd best lay back and watch a bit more.

the new york times explains it even more thoroughly, makes it look like more of a diplomatic contempt move.

cnn: rumsfeld cuts off military contact with china. ever get the idea these guys are trying to live a tom clancy novel? later: more from reuters. watch out for subversive, commie black berets ...

winds have begun to seriously gust this afternoon. spring winds, begone. i may have to truss my young aspens.

an outstanding article from the new statesman: why consumer power is not enough. if you read nothing else here today, read this.

reason: how fat and salt became bad.

bump: janebuilder for php.

cnn: speaking of 'merchants of cool' ...

spicynoodles has the whole trip to england indexed.

ananova: computerized rocking chair records stories of the past.

ananova: hannibal gets revenge.

times of india: well, if cloning is a bust, we can always be cyborgs.

missed this yesterday: macpython 2.1.

with russia at 28,000+ warheads, how extensive a missile shield does mr. bush plan to implement? good lord, this is an awful idea. there is no question that a major military industrial complex buildup would be required, the likes of which the world has never seen. it would probably be cheaper to just offer to buy the warheads ...

bbc: federation of american scientists' letter to president clinton re: the missile shield.

bbc: china and the missile shield issue.

bbc: the world's nuclear arsenals.

the independent.uk: mr. bush's defense plans are dangerous and misguided. "an act of foolishness ..."

wow ... i was checking back through yesterday's posts ... i didn't realize that the new reuters xml implementation was the mother of all linkrot. some stories are *gone*. no redirection, no forwarding. sheesh.

happy birthday, dave.

chocolate peanut butter met-rx = blech. 18 more packets to go. the ascent of summer fitness has begun in earnest. time to shed those winter love handles.

santa fe new mexican: fighting over development. in this town, you *can* fight city hall, and win. maybe, too easily.

nytimes op-ed: the missile shield. missing an interesting permutation; does our friend in the white house think starting a new arms race, this time for a missile shield, will completely bankrupt russia and china ...? leaving us safe behind a partially-functioning net that no 'rogue nation' has the technology to breach? just thinking. we make war economically as well, you know ...

nytimes: genome wars. however it was done, make sure it's *accurate*. we'll be risking lives here, boys.

nytimes: complaints challenge 'fairness' of '90's i.p.o's. i don't even know where to begin with this one ...

new scientist: genetically modified tomato 'could prevent cancer.' assuming flavonoids really do help. next item on the menu: fad fruits. orange asparagus, with vitamin c.

inside.com: copyright on trial.

opera tech preview 3 for mac is available.

how to use wincvs while keeping your mental health.

bbc: possible dinosaur dna in oldest 'soft tick'. no plans to consult ian malcolm at this time ...

accountingweb: securing your company on the web.

geek.com: fix your own visor. parts available on the open market ...

freeos: igloo ftp for linux.

security portal: running the bind9 dns server securely.

the register advises to skip os x until the finder is cocoa-native. too slow.

mac: fetch 4 final.

linuxnews.pl: free software is tax-free. huh?

kuro5hin: using cheap labor to create your open source project. be kathy lee gifford, in your own studio! apparently noone has been getting the same emails i've been getting from india lately.


i love messing around with those things ...

couple of content management scripts: ezcontent, and webber. webber's focus is on metadata.

megapixel.net may edition is out.

quick thoughts on the 'merchants of cool' ... we western capitalists eat our young.

yeah, yeah ... i'm slow this morning. busy.