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fri 04 may 01

and, last link of the night, but a goodie: understanding the extraordinary costs of missile defense. we continually "rush to failure", and "... if the united states is to deploy the missile defense systems now under development, it will have to spend more, probably significantly more, than current estimates suggest." an interesting point mentioned is that missile development is a never-ending process. we develop a new missile; our adversaries then find ways to circumvent that system. back to developing a new missile again. round and round we go, where we stop, only our federal wallet knows. missile defense will be the same ... a perpetual financial black hole for our country. is the current level of threat worth the cost, when biological warfare and other weapons are cheaper and more easily delivered by cash-strapped and less technologically advanced adversaries? you be the judge. this is like spending all of your money for fire insurance, when you live in a flood plain. chicken little focused on only one problem, and he got devoured by the one he *wasn't* looking for. we live in a complex world; focusing on missiles alone strikes me as 1950's mentality, a theme played and replayed by the more conservative elements of the republican party. we're 50 years beyond donna reed and eisenhower, and we can't go back. it's ironic that eisenhower was the president who warned us about the creation of a military-industrial economy. ah, dwight, you're turning over in your grave, i'm sure.

gotta get down to it.
soldiers are cutting us down.
should have been done long ago.
what if you knew her and
found her dead on the ground?
how can you run when you know?

get in touch with history. here are photos of the four students who died on this day at kent state in 1970. looking at them now, 30+ years down the road, i hear the words of bruce springsteen: "blind faith in your leaders, or in anything ... will get you killed." we trust soldiers and defenders of the peace to not use deadly force unless faced with deadly force. god, they were so young ...

what is the british 'special air service'?

discovery: spinning black hole. might be the genesis of a new design, mike ...

maybe i should be wearing a black armband or something. one year ago, the 'prescribed burn' was started ... and ended up as the cerro grande fire. an anniversary i'd rather not remember.

nytimes: block island, a webcam, the ferry company ... and privacy concerns. what's the world coming to?

okay, get this. it's snowing, and *accumulating.* i might have to shovel tomorrow morning, if this keeps up. freakin' cinco de mayo tomorrow, and i'll be out in an eskimo jacket. it's 35 degrees. go figure.

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the guardian.uk: the british view of the missile defense shield issue. "stopping the clinton cringe." president bush is choosing guns over butter. some very good points here, that i totally agree with.

globe & mail: canada's none too happy about the missile defense shield. because most icbm trajectories carry them via great circle routes over the north pole, they would be interecepted and destroyed over canada ... raining potentially lethal debris over the nation.

bbc: british children getting fatter. i thought america was the only place with a diet-and-exercise problem to this extent.

bbc: the amish request exemption from american child labor laws. they teach via apprenticeship.

just in case you're wondering, the last freeze date in santa fe is may 31. we are at 7500 feet, after all ...

salon: mummification as research ... and business.

lest we forget, thirty-one years ago, four dead in o-hi-o. kent state.

nytimes: bush and tripping over china policy. seems like they're saying that newspapers make errors ... why should we be any different? newspaper errors don't threaten to destabilize the world ...

msnbc: microsoft napster? seems like idle speculation, but it *is* being reported from msnbc ...

webref: the evolution of rss.

for the short term, i put in absolute urls for the pix. everyone should see them now. is it working for you now, eric?

good grief. there's now wet snow falling. spring? where? shut up, garret ... it's moisture. don't complain.

santa fe new mexican: no more wine-and-cheese openings on canyon road. more of the charm goes away, due to liability and disgruntled restaurateurs. a shame. these are, for the most part, some of the most enjoyable evenings one can have in santa fe. you meet new acquiantances, talk about art, lives ... run across old friends, favorite artists. it's been one of my favorite pastimes, especially to glean new artistic directions for my own work. certainly the lack of alcohol won't stop the events, but the sipping of wine contributed greatly to the flow of good conversation in this up-tight modern society of ours. there are few restaurants on canyon road set up for cafe-style imbibing, and it's a healthy walk to the downtown bistros. maybe i should pack in web design and start a sidewalk cafe. anybody got about a million and a half investment money?

it's 40 degrees and raining here in santa fe; it's snowing up near the colorado border. the deciduous trees look like they've been whipped to death, and they have ... by the high winds for the past couple of days. my poor young aspen has worn a 4" hole in it's trunk, right through the bark. will it live? time will tell.

cnn, of all places, looks and *recommends* alternatives to napster. reinforcing the idea that once the cat is out of the bag, you can't get it back in ... at least, not without a whole lot of punishment and/or bait.

for windows, scriptworx looks interesting as an html editor. supports xml, xhtml, python, cold fusion, etc. maybe i'll test it out.

is anyone else not seeing my bomb in the upper right corner, nor my pic from yesterday? leave a note here. i may have to use an absolute url for the short-term. still working out some bugs ...

good reading, if you're up for it. economic report of the president, 2000.

i see unemployment numbers are way up. a bit of history: democrats create more jobs than republicans. from the bureau of labor statistics: best performer in the last 40 years ... johnson. 3.8%. second? you'll never guess. carter at 3.1. third? bill clinton at 2.4. kennedy comes in fourth at 2.3, tied with nixon. reagan pegs at 2.1, and bush senior hits bottom at 0.6. the interesting thing about reagan, if you delve into the numbers more deeply, is that his job growth was mostly fueled by hiring 1.4 *million* government workers over his two terms. not private sector jobs. these numbers are from 1996; clinton's numbers no doubt improved against the previous standards.

nytimes: good news! they're reconsidering building the ww2 memorial between the washington and lincoln memorials. filling up that 'negative space' would hvae been woeful ...

foreign policy: measuring "globalization".

the age.au: how do you rate a dvd? time-consuming.

national post: to restore, or not to restore. da vinci's "adoration of the magi".

open-source = 'lions and tigers and *penguins* ... oh, my.'

college freshmen face pda 101. yo, dude, my beer fits right on the lcd!

my post last night about antioffline's comments re: blogger was misleading. it's not dislike, it's simply pointing up security issues with the system.

zope: extending zope dynamically with hotfixes.

webreview: speed pitching. just saying 'internet' and having tattoos doesn't cut it anymore ...

webref: weblog 2.0 released.

linuxfocus: do your job with make!

osopinion: tell me about os x.

linuxhardware: gigahertz processors roundup, part two.

the register: amd will announce 'palomino' chip on may 15.

macnn: 'iselector' for internet radio. apparently 'kerbango', the item used for itunes, is defunct.

siliconvalley.com: linus torvalds replies to the microsoft attacks. you folks can't rely on linus alone to respond; you need a coordinated pr effort.

linuxprogramming: gnome, release of a new set of xml/xslt libraries.

geeknews is moving servers. i'm getting mysql errors on browsing.

at the moment, there's no wind. thank you, thank you.