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tue 08 may 01

oh, one more thing. this was the first full day using opera instead of ie6 beta. as others have told me, the secret's in the prefs. still some tweaking to do. but maybe ...

ah, whatever. see y'all in the morning. this snake-rustler's hitting the sack.

cnn: blast from my personal past. dinosaur fossil airlifted from big bend national park, texas. this one's a sauropod; when i worked in big bend during college, they had found the huge flying pterosaur. a friend and i spent many dusty afternoons ramming around the backcountry in an old red international scout, trying to find it. then again, i think budweiser or miller had also buried a stash of beer somewhere in the southwest, and had a contest for finding the loot ... instead, we scared ourselves to death seeing the marfa lights ...

doe market trends for electricity. net-net: prices are projected to go *down*. yes, we need more plants. nuclear would decrease co2 faster. a very good read; there is no crisis. this, from our own government.

looking for independent corroboration of co2 generation by nuke plants.

interesting letter to the editor of the nytimes. the director of the nuclear energy policy project completely refutes cheney's claim that nuclear power plants "don't emit any carbon dioxide whatsoever."

cnn: contraceptive patch as effective as 'the pill.'

another salon: the ugly americans. to wit, bush was just the icing on the cake. there's been long-standing issues with the u.n.

salon: the 'energy crisis' is a sham. good numbers; i'll try to verify independently. plenty of crude, gas stocks were up nationwide over the past couple of weeks. deregulation in california has put the brakes on deregulation in other parts of the country, so blackouts elsewhere will not be happening. so why the scaremongering? of course, as a lead-in, a dramatic build-up for dick cheney's energy policy for america.

linuxpr: activestate releases perlex 2.

freshmeat: elastic webeditor. edit your home page online. perl.

dpreview posts a review of the nikon 995.

i see the new zope pulldowns break in mozilla 0.9.

for those who are curious, 'oscar' the bull snake, has been relocated.

individual news/reuters: lots of crude, but sparse reserves of refined gas. crude prices keep falling, opec slams door on stepping up production. they project 1.75 average this summer. a 'lack' of refineries? i don't remember hearing that catcall last year ...

spacedaily: the space elevator.

ibm developerworks: functional programming in python.

macnn: new metrowerks codewarrior at wwdc, may 21. also, an early candidate for os x for attendees.

photosolve has some interesting accessories 'for the digital photographer.'

betanews: too much memory may adversely affect windows. 98, me, etc.

motley fool: nice to see whole foods markets are doing well.

nytimes: i told you. you can't say i didn't warn you. the militarization of space is next on rumsfeld's list.

nytimes: a viking 'pompeii'.

reuters: the u.s. gets kicked off another united nations panel. the rising star of the european union, my friends.

reuters: swan lake from hell. i've had my own altercations with swans; they're not beautiful, romantic birds. they're mean, territorial s.o.b's. keep your kids at a distance.

time: missed this last week. the promiscuity of the media has made the news boring.

the independent.uk: the writer and the application of science.

chronicle of higher ed: is rock 'n' roll dead?

mobylives: more short stories?

nytimes: dig through everything a museum's got.

versiontracker: apple authoring support 1.1. increases cd-r compatibility for system 9.1 users. [later: it wants usb support to install. *sigh*.] oh, and bbtidy 1b9.

wsj/reuters: u.s. upholds ban on selling personal data. great! now can we sue them?

librenix: red hat 7.1 vs. mandrake 8.

zope: squishdot 1.1.0 released; also, they've unbundled strip-o-gram (strips tags out, javascript, etc.).


daemon news: adventures in bsd dialup.

how to build a freebsd stable firewall with ip filter.

... which reminds me. i can't copy/cut/paste anything into pepper's search-and-replace dialog box. can anyone else?

macnn: update to default folder.

upside: microsoft wants to do away with "perpetual use" in its software licenses.

mozilla: get it while it's hot. mozilla 0.9 released.

geeknews: freeweb, the freenet web browser.

yads. converts xml to html or latex, supports embedded perl or python.

asp2php. convert asp/microsoft over to php/apache.

dpreview: toshiba releases a 512kb type 1 compact flash card.

siliconfilm is almost ready to ship their (e)film. the resolution isn't high, but the ability to use a regular film slr with a digital option is nice. i also notice they've limited the models of slr ...

thanks, timesink. wasn't even three feet ...