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wed 09 may 01

ah. time to retire. tomorrow is, after all, another day ...

new gallery up. gallery eighteen; cloud formations. some rather large. tonight's walk bore different fruit; some new wildflowers, which i may post tomorrow. but mostly a brisk walk as the sun set, and the rain dissipated. never forego a walk because of rain; hidden treasures await.

come to think of it, it's like my giving my opinion of a gene siskel movie review, without ever seeing the movie. right? makes no sense whatsoever. see the movie *first.*

okay. dear audience, i'm tired of making retractions. instead of broadcasting my opinions based on mass media coverage of major news events (in other words, others' opinions), i will try to seek out *original* material, *then* comment. i keep getting info third-hand; by the time i'm done with it, it's a poor fourth. i'd like to be more valuable to you than that.

i see, thanks to upstairs, that we must all strive to get 'original' text of speeches before judging any mass-media commentary. mr. cheney, my apologies. are there any good online sources to get full-text originals of this kind of speech or interview? someone must do it ...

nytimes magazine: arsenic trioxide fights leukemia. doesn't mean *everyone* should drink it, however.

geek.com: an exodus data center was blacked out today. so much for uptime guarantees. this, following the security breach on friday night. not a good week for exodus. these circumstances might start one ...

os x macnn: comparing the three os x browsers: icab, omniweb, ie5.

hey ... le blogeur's back after a monthlong hiatus.

nytimes: moratorium on genetically-altered salmon. ever read jurassic park? same arguments apply here. as gm-modified crops have proven, there *is* no such thing as a perfect closed system.

nytimes op-ed: the unrefined truth. a good overview of the current gas price issues, except to only blame s.u.v.'s is a little narrow. yes, the resurgence of the large v6 and v8 have had an impact. yes, it is short-sighted. but what about the burgeoning of overnight delivery services, and the resulting dominance of semi-trucks on our highways? as far as i know, only u.p.s. has seriously investigated alternative fuels in their delivery trucks, and the re-invigoration of our railways is long overdue. remember, 'conservation' is inextricably entwined with 'efficiency' ...

santa fe new mexican: a new area code in santa fe and albuquerque. but what is it?

here's a sample of the clouds:

there were some amazing cloud formations, as thunderstorms built just to the east last evening. i have some photos; probably a new gallery later today.

today is what i call a slow news day. looks like cisco's performance has depressed everyone.

candidate for today's top-ten search term: "abbey of in spanking pain".

i didn't realize that rep. asa hutchinson was a graduate of bob jones university. interesting.

nytimes: strange deaths of newborn and fetal foals in kentucky.

nytimes: house demands u.n. human rights seat restored, or else it won't pay dues? childish. what we've come to expect from the house of representatives. not paying is part of what got us into this.

reuters: ringing in the ears? sheesh.

reuters: forget your missile defense plan, america. talk to north korea, *please.*

new republic: why read?

latimes: a concert in egypt goes badly awry. whether it's a ten minute speech or a full-blown extravaganza, always double-check what your production company is doing ...

the times.uk: artists on trains?

vnunet: housing flaw in xeon p4 server chips.

cbsnews: psychiatrists are just waking up, starting research on the effects of internet porn on children. just a small blurb, but interesting nonetheless.

open perl ide for windows.

vaults of parnassus: tmda, python app to filter spam for qmail.

bbc: our assumptions about low and high level radiation risks may be seriously flawed.

enterprise linux today: want free access to an ibm s/390?

the register: america persists in militarizing space. the last comment, by tom daschle, is apropos.

macnn: apple has nine i-cards for mother's day.

kuro5hin takes a stab at copyright remediation ...

nypost: backyard astronaut to try for space.


why, oh why am i blessed with spam emails from golfballs.com? i don't know a titleist from a strata ... though i used to play that old pc golf game, the one where you could put dinosaurs all over the course and make 'em roar when you hit 'em ...

rise 'n' shine.