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fri 11 may 01

and with that, it's time for me to go out on this brisk, beautiful friday night and raise a little cain. maybe all i'll manage is a little mayhem; whatever. do something spontaneous, folks ... and get away from the damned computer. see ya tomorrow.

someone needs flowers tonight. these are for *you*.

i see frontier/mac is now available in regular or extra-crispy ...

just got back from a client meeting. ever have one with a guy who wears about a gallon of aftershave? i swear i left my sinuses there ...

ssss - ss - ss ... is this an epidemic of "hiatus hernia?" [misspelling intended] don't know if there's a cure ...

just a note, i've switched from huffpost to postpro, for my dynamic dns updating on the office laptop (not this site). the dns service i use is hammernode.

discovering archaeology: you won't see this unique find in an indiana jones film.

trektoday: all about the new star trek series.

ibm developerworks: hands-on xsl. a very gentle intro, if you're up to it.

be wary of the apple carbonlib 1.3.1 update. check macfixit first.

msnbc: here's a twist. to save money, the u.s. may rely on nuke research in russia ...

www.modpython.org. modsnake. webware. just for reference sake ...

zope python user group ... www.zpug.org.

cnn: cruise ships dump raw sewage while under way. once again, corporations really do have a conscience, don't they? (sarcasm again.)

also via metafilter, backwash is a 'weblog community' of sorts. somehow, it feels less appealing to me than digging for individual weblogs, noodling in the neural net of nepotism.

via metafilter, make a paper cd case.

don't know if i blogged this or not: ibm developerworks, zope for the perl/cgi programmer.

the entire text of buckminster fuller's "synergetics" is online.

washington post: the possibility of an aids vaccine, from those with resistance to the virus.

jeez, it helps if i remember to change the date of my day's postings ... sorry.

nytimes: another vote count fails to pinpoint a clear winner.

oscar the bullsnake recommends: the king is alive. for obvious reasons.

nytimes: when does a parody site go too far? a decision to watch, this.

reuters: unfortunately, bird strikes are a serious problem with wind energy. but even table fans have screens ...

cnn: 2.5 billion year old slab of ancient sea floor discovered near great wall of china.

salon: examining deepack chopra. people so earnestly want to believe, that they refuse to exercise any skepticism at all.

mercury news: return of the movie musical?

new music box: is symphony orchestra too expensive to survive?

boston globe: permutations of mondrian.

mac: update to a-dock, and apple carbonlib 1.3.1.

the register: apple will launch os x server 2.0 next week. will this make the cube competitive with the qube?

xmlhack: beta release of perl standard api for css.

xmlhack: xml schemas for the transportation industry. will there be a central repository that lists schemas for each 'vertical market' application?

webreview looks at idle 0.6. python.

ecompany: how we almost became a spammer.

slashdot: perfect pair, linux and ppc.

linux benchmark.

linux devices visits that eternal question: is linux ready for the desktop? seems like this comes up at least once every two weeks ...

the register: motherboard makers sniffy over 100mhz frontside bus on pentiums.

phpbuilder: hey, first update to the rss file in ages! using php with anacom, for e-commerce.

zdnet: changes to the microsoft software licenses may encourage an exodus to linux.

osopinion: god, gates and open-source.

geeknews is now doing *classifieds.* 'old' business models, working in the new paradigm? who would have thought? (sarcasm.)

cnn: the fbi cyber-crimes unit is getting clever.

two others from freshmeat ... open cms is updated, and sandstorm [xml-rpc] as well.

freshmeat: ol' bookmarks looks like a better idea than my directory. hmmmm.

dpreview has links to nikon d1x 'version 1.00' samples.

it's just the quail having a hootenanny on my courtyard wall.


do i hear the sounds of bullsnakes dancing in the morning light?