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sun 13 may 01

well, i *was* going to work on getting mod_python working in my version of apache, but the lightning's a bit wild. i'm getting off for a while ...

6 p.m., mst, gmt-7 ... it's just begun to rain. thunder is rumbling ... but the smell. hot rocks, piñon, juniper, a bit of sage and lavender ... drink in deep chestsful ... a glorious smell, wet desert.

btw, my ip address/url issues should be solved for everyone now. any breakages, please let me know. now to work on the discussion group ...

and, it's mother's day. call your mom.

more shots of england at andrea's.

i'd never heard of 'soccer rage', but here's a good remedy.

nytimes: silicon alley's philospher-prince. nice shot of the flatiron building in manhattan.

nytimes: lost central asian culture.

xmlhack: yaml.

the register is seeking the world's longest email disclaimer, while having challenges with the english language ...

linuxtoday: microsoft germany is moving against linux. again, without an integrated p.r. entity, linux will have an uphill climb. capability alone won't win 'the battle' ... well-placed words count, too.

folks over at kuro5hin are also recommending a book called "blindness" ...

kuro5hin: reminiscing about old computer hardware. the first computer i touched was a punch-card beast in high school. then, a singer punch-paper tape word processor where you really cut-and-pasted items together. from there, the progression is mainly highlighted by storage media; cassette tapes, proprietary tape formats, 8" 70k disks, 5 1/4" disks, dec, sinclair, ti, atari, wang, syntex, jacquard, amtext, commodore, osborne, apple i, ii, iii ... ibm pc ... then on to my first personal computer ... a fat mac. remember daisywheel printers and perf paper? how about the washing-machine sized fax machines in the early 80's? grind, grind, hum, hum ... five minutes later ... ker-chunk. one page.

geeknews: free bbs software for linux.

freshmeat: galeon browser update, mod_python update.

gotta remember to change that blasted day/date on the top of my entries ... or should i automate? hmmm ...