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tue 15 may 01

mac: iomegaware 3.0.

freshmeat: macromedia flash sql component kit 1. call it from cold fusion, jsp or php. cool.

cnn: ani difranco hasn't sold out. my way, or the highway? nope. her way *and* the highway.

what a waste of time search engines can be. 'are tattoo healthy'. sorry, can't help you. maybe ask a doctor?

linuxmednews: agenda vr3 linux pda review.

byte: john udell on 'document engineering.'

reuters: your brain continues to develop until age 48. and then you're not the same person.

reuters: destruction of the amazon jungle hits five-year high.

i'm afraid i come up rather dry, kaycee, but here's my best shot:

'she fear'd no danger,
for she knew no sin.'
-- john dryden.

best quote i can think of, for a warrior's eulogy ... otherwise, maybe nell's passing from 'the old curiousity shop' by dickens ... but i think you'd like the above better.

sadness: kaycee has passed away. godspeed on your next adventure, my dear. we will all miss you.

the register: dell may go with a mobile athlon 4, first time breaking away from it's intel-only philo.


gee, the pda market sounds awfully exciting. 'always-on' is the next generation?

motley fool: what's happened to corporate integrity? you know what i'll say ...

cnn: michael stipe of rem admits he's gay. is anyone shocked and appalled? didn't think so. does it matter? not to me ...

eff's top 12 ways to protect your online privacy. seems they completely forgot dangerous meta characters ... (grin) ...

doonesbury gets the point.

content exchange: 'build it and they will come ... is not a business model.' looking at news sites on the web.

nytimes op-ed: who's crazy here? well-stated colloquial opposition to the missile shield initiative. one problem; we cannot predict behavior of rogue states with long-range nuclear icbm capability, because there haven't been any yet. and another. two in one day? the critique is flying now ...

good or bad? ask jeeves has this blog under "gotta see this" ... well, sort of.

cnn: if you live in new jersey, you already know this. the canadian goose population is exploding. suburban sprawl makes a perfect habitat for geese; they no longer migrate in some areas. likewise, deer love the interstitial zones between lawn and forest as well. each area affected is using different means of 'abortion' ... some incredibly cruel. the federal government should really look at this issue, and set some guidelines. not laws, just guidelines.

the yellow emperor reminds us that nurturing life does not aim at preserving the body, but at nourishing the spirit ... allowing it to live forever. the candle flame may be passed to an oil lamp after the wax is gone. once we die, we may regret ever having lived. who knows?

on other subjects, the win2k sp2 has made my 400 mhz pentium laptop seem a bit snappier. hard to put my finger on. i'll keep you updated.

santa fe new mexican: three new zip codes in santa fe. looks like we have to go through the torture of getting charge card companies, utilities and all the other crazy folks to update our zips. wish i could bill for it ... (grin) ...

nytimes: trouble in the land-grant agricultural colleges. note the references to monsanto, from whom a lobbyist was selected for a high environmental post in the bush administration. in a world where we revere 'scholarly research', what happens when all the colleges are run or sanctioned by conglomerates?

nytimes: the bush/cheney energy plan may make adversaries of westerners. it seems they may plan to 'condemn' private property to expand power lines ... pushing federal authority to new highs. i wonder if i sit on a plot of land they'll want? and what could i do about it?

new zealand herald: french gladiator theme park. carl sagan's 'contact' continues to be prescient ...

globe and mail: 'the lord of the rings' probably will be as big as star wars, because i'd wager most viewers will never have read the books ... and may not ever care to.

guardian.uk: the pyramids may literally have been seen as 'stairways to heaven.' oh, the new-agers are gonna go nuts over this ...

sfgate: after the dot-com crunch, rents are dropping in the bay area.

nytimes: chimp mating behavior. maybe alpha males just waste a lot of energy ...

australian it: maxwell smart, put your shoe phone away. ibm's got linux in a wristwatch.

filemaker pro 5.5 is out. both carbon (os x) and win2k.

yahoo: microsoft and ... handspring?

bbc: coelecanth on the web. still waiting for the discovery of the babel fish ...

linuxplanet: how linux could lose to microsoft.

computerworld: visa online transactions may soon require a password scheme.

soon to come: dog racing on the net.

cnn: the stealth kitchen table.

linux journal book review: real world linux security. just one banner.

itworld: palm as a linux terminal. more big ads.

on lamp: linux compatibility on bsd for the ppc platform. big ads.

the register: microsoft signs up for european privacy 'safe harbor' scheme.

world's fastest mac cluster.

realbasic 3.2 final.

kuro5hin: counterpoint, programming as artform.

8th wonder. icq stuff.

geeknews: 3d monitors on the horizon.

opera for linux, final.

rained last night, and i didn't even notice. clear blue and beautiful now.