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fri 18 may 01

time to hit the rack and read some more of 'the island of the day before' by umberto eco (which i'm beginning to like very much). make it to page 60, and i think you've got it made. there are some uniquely beautiful turns of phrase i've run across.

and, just so i'll remember next year, today was the first official hot day™; over 80 in the shade, and stayed that way until a bit after dark. down to 60 again now, however ...

just got back from dinner and a gallery troll. turista season is here, my friends. loud people, flashing cameras (which never seem to stop, thanks to 'red eye reduction'), complaints about being nauseous at altitude, crazy drivers. but, if you don't know the secret, you could be miserable all summer. but we know the secret, don't we? turistas don't *walk*. go 1/2 mile beyond any trailhead, and you're blissfully alone. so 'real' santa fe isn't really all that far away, in any season ...

it's friday afternoon, the weekend ahead, and i'll be damned if i can find a single bloody thing i want to link to. so i'll go out and *do* something rather than sit here and blog ...

webref: back to basics, meta tags.

holy crow! nato uses zope. "... for a tracking system that locates both nato's and antagonists' troops, vehicles and ships around the world ..." via zopenewbies.

downstairs at dry creek went to jackson hole and yellowstone. photographs.

cnn: gas mileage worst in 20 years. gee, maybe we wouldn't need so many refineries if we didn't buy guzzlers ... but will *you* give up your minivan? ours is up for sale ...

*sigh* ... someday, maybe, microsoft will license something like the mini-7 font and include it in browser distribution ... boy, would that make life easier sometimes.

javascript tip of the day: the invisible frame. the tips of late, have been heavily biased towards delivery of flash content. worthy of a bookmark.

joy! this is the last chocolate-peanut butter met-rx i have to down. never again. back to extreme chocolate.

planning the weekend. either tent rocks, or a drive up to the jemez mountains. look for another gallery over the weekend.

nytimes op-ed: a misguided energy proposal. they say it better than i could, and with less vitriol. we are not at war, and to extract the last amounts of energy from the american mainland leaving nothing in reserve is short-sighted.

reuters: letterman upset the columbians. will they still let him drink coffee on the show?

reuters: bush isn't waiting. the energy plan is beginning.

cnn: glad to see niki taylor's doing better. but some are trying to capitalize from her hospitalization ... lower than low. she probably has stellate fractures in her liver, which compromise functionality. at a sharp impact, the liver can 'shatter', or fracture, like a solid body (think star cracks in glass). that is, if i understand it correctly ...

bbc: britney spears 3d dvd. 'first use of immersive technology.'

boston globe: john williams to do the score for 'harry potter' film.

national post: harder than ever to be an independent filmmaker ...

nandotimes: gangs of chess fans, mobbing the library ...

internet.com: b2b firms failing at customer service.

yahoo: palm and handspring hit new lows. market saturation?

zope.org: gnope, and zclassevents.

msnbc: flaw causes credit card chaos.

rootprompt: unix wizards, a path to knowledge.

the register: death of the web inevitable, says forrester research. oooh, this will stir some controversy ...

the register: intel backs linux everywhere.

macnn: resorcer for os x is out.

linuxtoday: the capitalist view of open source.

kuro5hin: indirection for modern day communication. strange title, but interesting.

dpreview: rob galbraith posts a review of the kodak dcs-760, the nikon f5 based 6 megapixel behemoth. and he likes it.

yeah, another morning meeting. links up in a minute or two.