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thu 24 may 01

sunset tonight:

sunset, may 5 2001, 8:30 mst gmt-7

maybe i don't want to visit iowa, after all ... too much flied _ _ _ _

for a former a/v dude like myself, the tv/iq test is hilarious. but you'd have to be in the industry to know what's going on. my fave question/answer: "is using interlace in a post 1950ís television standard a good idea?" "only once, it was approved by the house subcommittee on un-american activities ..." like i said, rife with in-jokes.

cms hunley news ... lt. george dixon's "lucky gold coin" found.

nytimes: they test one kind of tree, and deduce no trees can help absorb carbon dioxide. then again, maybe the study wasn't broad enough ... ?

nytimes: mcdonalds apologizes for beef flavoring in fries.

slashdot: myst 3: exile review. the byword is 'bug city' ...

kuro5hin: a poster from vermont looks at jefford's move. his view agrees with the previous posts made here.

a home fuel cell. coming 2002. hydrogen, we want hydrogen ...

capstone microturbines.

i may start a new feature. call it "spam email of the day." check this one out. make sure you're not drinking anything while you read it ...

utne: you may be an anarchist, and not even know it. moe: "pass me that bone, you knucklehead." curly: "here!" [sfx bone hitting head] curly: "ow! why'd you do that?" c'mon, guys, even chimps use domination. heirarchy exists in most mammal groups ...

alternet: the real energy solution. if you lean to the right, you might get turned off by the first paragraph. persevere. examples of fuel cells being used today in business, and other good points made. i want to buy a microturbine now ...

come to think of it, it's time to watch the 'blue dog' democrats. there's gonna be a lot of barbecues in alexandria, methinks.

reuters: tivo shares jump on patent win. investors like patents.

o'reilly: making photorealistic icons for os x.

cnet: interplanetary internet protocols. big ads.

bbc: fossil ancestor of modern mammals?

zope.org: mysql user folder.

dealmac has some goodies today. under networking is a d-link 4 port dsl router for 79, 59 with rebate. also, under software, apparently barnes and noble has a coupon deal to take '$10 off a purchase of $30 or more.' seems to work for books, dvds, music, software, and more. go check it out. i may go purchase the o'reilly python 'phone book' ...

editorial from the burlington vermont free press. the paper's also running a net poll, so far 52% for jeffords move. between the two, i'd say he made the right move to represent his constituency.

this article's interesting; "republican senators frantically phoned mr. jefford's wealthy contributors, the financiers of his political organisation, asking them to bring their influence to bear." one of the new york times articles mentions bush sr. calling the former senator from vermont ... twice. it's interesting to see how this administration works. the son-father dynamic smacks of the kennedy clan, when kennedy sr. was alive and fiddling. except mr. kennedy hadn't been director of the cia, among other political appointments.

senator jeffords, the cnn transcript of his speech. i need not comment; read his words yourself.

i think, now that the authorities are investigating the kaycee story, we should let go. it is time to refocus on weblogs, and what we do best. sure, we've had our trust shaken. but there are a lot of great, high-energy webloggers out there doing great things. we have a new context now; you can't go back. the journalist who quotes a 'bad' source doesn't lose his job. he learns, vows to be more careful next time, and works his beat. for the news weblogger, one will examine sources more closely. for the diarist, one will be torn between fiction and non-fiction, and where to set the bar on personal stories and how to judge our investment in others. there's no magic formula; look at yourself in the mirror you've created on the web, and choose your path. the medium itself is just as powerful; we must become more educated consumers.

santa fe new mexican: los alamos national labs says they'll 'partially' clean up the plutonium in acid canyon. "... a partial cleanup adequately protects public health." the well-used los alamos skateboard park is there, and so is the swimming pool. look at this example, when you want to judge the bush energy proposals. i realize this was dumped years ago, but look at the facts: there's money for new research, but there's never adequate money to clean up the mess. "... models showing a child playing along the streambank 200 days a year would only get a slight dose of radiation." i ask you. would you let your children play there?

jeffords has gone independent, turning the senate over the democrats. rather than take the partisan editorials of the media, when i find the text of his speech, i'll link. i see many callous insults from the republican side, saying he's 'tarnished his legacy', calling him a 'turncoat', etc. a question to the republican party: why wasn't ben nighthorse-campbell a 'turncoat' when he went republican?

reuters: there's a 'klingon' robbing banks in los angeles.

reuters: 12 dead in arizona desert near mexico border. during college, working in big bend national park, a friend and i took a hike. we misread a map, and ended up walking for over eight hours in the desert with only 16 ounces of water on each of us. stupid, stupid. we almost died. you just want to lie down and sleep; death from dehydration seems close, and comfortable ... not frightening at all. but i was eighteen and had a lot of living yet to do; i dragged my friend along, and we finally reached a road -- and noone stopped for us, because we looked too unsavory (our feet were bleeding, our lips cracked, etc. etc.). silver refrigerated bullets blasting by at 60 mph, with zombies at the wheel. finally a poor mexican, driving his chickens someplace in a rotten old blue chevy pickup put us in the back (we ended up looking like we'd been tarred and feathered). the dry air blasting for an hour or so almost did us in all the way, except he had a bottle of rather suspect milk, which we downed, and felt kings of the world. but now that temps have risen in the desert (see blivet), this may happen more often. rather than let people die, the border patrol should set up water caches, and patrol them. it would be a very easy way to catch border-busters, and compassionate.

cnn: a chicken-napping. someone hatched an evil plan ...

sunday times.uk book review: louis, a life of robert louis stevenson. i have his complete works on my bookshelf, read complete. an inspiration.

nytimes looks at the canadian 'shakespeare' portrait, including a picture. the globe and mail? they must have run the picture online, but i must've missed it.

nj online: 'scoring' art. what a concept.

silicon.com: fbi busts big 'net scams. once again, virtual identity needs focus. looks like auction sites are going to get some bad press ...

securityfocus: apache web server dos vulnerability. vers. 1.3.15 and before, windows only.

xmlhack: tim bray thinks the web is too slow; get xml out, now.

slashdot: are computers making kids more intelligent? whenever i'm around teens, i love to probe around, see what they know. most are very withdrawn, as is usual around 'grownups.' a friend's daughter and her friend were listening to jefferson airplane's 'white rabbit' on the radio, so i asked them what the song was about. they looked at each other, as if i was stupid, then said: "goth."

onlamp: system logging.

security portal: firewalls, reject vs. deny.

duke of url: linux buyers guide #10.

the register: large format lcd prices to rise early next year. demand is a problem? over the short term, maybe ...

the register thinks wap is pretty awful and unusable.

the register: finders to keepers; readers offer tips to speed up mac os x.

if you have any interest in open source, bookmark this: gnu gpl faq.

osopinion: where is the new linux experience?

kuro5hin: trolling, the socratic method in disguise? volumes to say here, but no time. go and read, but don't drink the hemlock ...

geeknews: canadian trains to get internet access. i was expecting the japanese or europeans to do this first ... go, canada!

freshmeat: web document management system, sandstorm update (again).

up early today ... wow, over a hundred hits before 6 a.m.? must be more traffic in general, just from the national coverage of the 'weblog' incident ...