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fri 25 may 01

plan b evolving arts (a theatre) is showing 'butterfly', a documentary about julia butterfly hill and luna the redwood. looks like that might be my evening ...

some thunderstorms are gently gliding by. the smell of wet desert again ... nectar for the nostrils. tomorrow, pollen. oh, the price of earthly delights ...

given the theory below, then it is no wonder we believed in 'kaycee.' another wax figure in the museum. except *that* wax figure was a fictional person. but how do you tell? a person walking into a wax museum, seeing a figure of 'ben hur' might believe he was actually a person and not a fictional character from a book. especially if surrounded by other representations of verifiable living entities. train of thought begun by umberto eco, 'travels in hyperreality' ...

here's something to put in your pipe and smoke: louis marin, "disneyland: a degenerate utopia." definition of a 'degenerate utopia' is "an idealogy realized in the form of myth." given that the virtual world can never be 'real', is the web a 'degenerate utopia'? no matter how real we try to be, aren't we all wax figures in a virtual museum? don't we all create idealized representations of ourselves? no matter how close to reality we try to get, it is still not physically 'us.' getting philosophical. sorry.

whenever someone talks about 'the face on mars', always ask: is it concave or convex? [convex] how do you know? [nasa says so] why do you believe nasa in one respect, and not in the other? [infidel. unbeliever. burn at the stake with much gnashing of teeth.]

international herald tribune: mccain has harsh words for the republican party, and the white house. implications against rove, hughes and card in most news reports.

santa fe new mexican: summer begins, with only moderate fire restrictions. but five years of drought can't be moisturized in one winter, unfortunately. but it's better; much better.

nytimes letters to the editor re: jeffords. read them.

reuters: video cameras may be watching you, right now. sorry; i don't agree with this. not one bit.

reuters: proton beams.

reuters: change in america's foreign policy. from jesse helms to ... joseph biden? wasn't he accused of plagiarism? i'll have to find out more about the man ...

cnn: flaws in microsoft media player.

cnn: cyanide - from black cherry trees - may be the cause of kentucky foal deaths. nature by herself can be just as deadly as man-made machinations ...

hey, check out the 'charm girl.' everyone else at the scripting news dinner better bring their autograph books ...

if you're using zope, or just playing with it, check out zopelabs.

imeme.net is a new zope hosting provider. at least, new to me ... via zopenewbies.

zend: building a dynamic calendar in php. via phpeverywhere.

nytimes: of oil rigs and bison. 'free-roaming bison'? sorry, ny times. these are as 'free-roaming' as any other cattle herd. leave the romanticism behind; the frontier ended at least 80 years ago. it's called 'barbed wire', if you haven't heard of it. texas is spangled with these oil wells ... ever had a sniff? you can smell them at least a mile away. ever seen the mess when they've drilled and set up? anyone tested the dirt down a couple dozen feet to see if there's any spillage? hey, it's the cattle rancher's property, and rightly so ... but don't try to pass this stuff off in a national park. that's everyone's property.

reuters: woman loses suit over swan attack. a miscarriage of justice. swans are not to be taken lightly. the one i had a 'fight' with, was taking ducklings by their necks and legs, and holding them under the water and drowning them, one by one. cold bloodedly, calmly. after the pond was littered with corpses, it went after the people in the vicinity. i'm no expert, but i think it was territoriality and 'personal space' issues.

if all you can say about a movie is that 'the effects were amazing', it's not much of a movie, imho. [that is to say, if it's not promoted as an fx-only piece. everyone knew what to expect with 'independence day'.] sounds like 'pearl harbor' has this problem. gee, if we criticize it, will we be considered 'unpatriotic'?

cnn: welcome, varuna! happy to meet you!

the new republic: "parody is the way many television viewers get the news, irony has become the language of sincerity ..." post-kaycee, this quote is really good: "it's a mistake to take the media's definition of the world at face value, particularly where cultural matters are concerned, both life and art having proved themselves, over time, to be infinitely more difficult, subtle, and interesting than their depictions in the news (journalism being another form of artifice)." assuming of course, that weblogs are journalism ...

the atlantic: history in the waiting room.

the age.au: 'stuckism.'

zdnet: aol and record labels will crush aimster.

geek.com: aol 6 to be bundled with windows xp? really, you don't have to get along *that* well ...

sort of a compare/contrast of current tech opinions ... idc says "internet presence still required", but agilent says if your budget is busted, "cut tech spending." not really a direct pro/con, but interesting.

xmlhack: rdf and topic maps.

webreview: building a customer base, one by one, and harnessing peer-to-peer technology.

webreference newsletter: map the web.

computerworld: feds consider use of global virtual private networks.

bulma: ext2, reiserfs and xfs benchmarks.

the register: emachines drops off the nasdaq radar. less than $1 a share ...

cnnfn: amd allies with transmeta.

linuxtoday: microsoft releases ip v. 6 www server under gnu license. oops.

geeknews: domain names for babies? welcome to the matrix ...

geeknews: php-nuke 5 release candidate 1.

kuro5hin: how to run a political campaign on the web.

kuro5hin: european parliament recommends encryption and open-source software. the u.s. is using something called 'echelon' to spy on europe? no wonder nato uses zope ...

freshmeat: autogen, otasks.

[btw, the syquest parts had to be swept up. the iomega bernoulli was dented, but ran flawlessly.]

dpreview: iomega peerless 10/20 gig hard drives. another story. the art department was using macs, in the video department we were using windows 2 and 3 for video effects. they used syquest; we used iomega bernoulllis. the mac folks insisted on looking down their noses at us, they had just received the mac iix and thought they ruled the world. they started a one-upmanship contest between my assistants and themselves, over the durability of syquests vs. bernoulli. after days of having to listen to the dogmatic verbal shenanigans from both sides (and being totally fed up), i calmly walked over to the art department, grabbed a syquest disk. came back to my department, grabbed a bernoulli. returning to the 'arguers', did a baseball wind-up, and threw them at the wall. then handed them back to the perpetrators, and asked them to verify that they could still read the data. oh, the head of the art department held a grudge for that action. well, that ended the dogmatic proclamations of superiority for a while. [i should qualify this by saying i have owned a mac since the fat mac, and still use them for the majority of my design work.]

a lizard committed suicide last night. i guess he tried to hide as i closed the back door. half a lizard was hanging out from the hinges this morning. yuck. then again, i wonder if they're tasty on the barbecue ...? we recently found out that the cholla cactus buds are a native american staple ...

shwheew. made it through another tough week. my eyes are raisins.