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sat 26 may 01

9 p.m. mst gmt-7. a fifteen-mile hike, bushwacking (going off-trail, if you don't know the slang). with friends. talked, hiked out. no energy whatsoever. maybe some pictures tomorrow; but this is shaping up to be a grandly physical weekend. maybe i can scare someone up to do a 60 mile bike ride tomorrow. see you folks later. [hope you don't feel you're being abandoned! you're not.]

i'll see you later.

no, on second thought. no linking today, at least not now. i'm giving noone any excuses to waste time here. go outside, go get REAL.

excuse me ... the brain's been churning overtime. i'll go dump on someone else a while ...

has california asked businesses to extinguish all lighting used at night? outlawed neon? put regulations in place to require night lighting to be powered by solar cells (available and cheap)? there are plenty of infrared cameras available if one's afraid of burglars; in fact, they'd probably be more effective overall, without requiring lighting. *turn off* all a/c in empty businesses at night ... if the building's well insulated, it won't heat up during the cool of night. there is absolutely no reason why, in the midst of an energy crunch, urban america has to resemble las vegas or 'six flags' amusement park. and if one can wear shorts in business in bermuda, why not in california? i can see it now, the return of 'seersucker' as an energy conservation measure ... !

which brings me to 'edward abbey' mind again. instead of genetically modifying trees and wheat, why can't they do something useful ... like the 'fartless bean'?

i recommend the film 'butterfly', somewhat chronicled here last night. it was edited on a home pc! the sound is a little rugged, and the camera angles can be a bit strange, but overall, it does a good job of glancing over the entire issue, without preaching. sure, they should have covered david 'gypsy' chain's 'murder' better. they should have said more about charles hurwitz, without asking an 'earth-firster' what the story was. but i find the sort of 'unedited mind' form of information discovery appealing. there are two scenes that just rivet you ... one, the deliberate swabbing/spraying of pepper spray into activists' eyes. it goes a long way towards giving one a modern day example of nazi-style dispassionate torture. it makes you think of those kids in grade school enjoying pulling off a fly's wings and watching it struggle. in particular, watch the law enforcement officers more than the victims. two on an activist, sometimes three ... one holding, one *spreading the eyelids*, one applying the spray. all while the activist is 'locked down', unable to escape. some need to remember that 'punishment' is the role of the judiciary, not 'peace officers.' second, there's a discussion with julia on her platform in the tree in a wind storm, the entire structure shaking what looks like feet side to side and up and down, and she's discussing things as calmly as if she were sitting in an ice cream parlor ... that woman has more guts in her little finger than i have in my whole body.

happy birthday, craig! do as we do ... start counting backwards each birthday from 40. you're 30 years young!

slept late.

whmphf. huzzah? erfh. mwah? oh, yeah. i have a blog to update ...