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thu 31 may 01

posted via radio.userland while zopesite.com was down ...

zope.org: zope 2.4 alpha 1 released.

welcome to my temporary home while dangerousmeta! is down. feel free to poke around.

for the moment, i'll get this weblog up on the userland updates page, so hopefully someone can find me.

i'll *not* be gagged by the slings and arrows of outrageous technology ...

it has been one unbelievably busy week, and maybe it's been good that i haven't had dangerousmeta! to distract me.

hmm. for some reason, the rss and permalinks aren't kosher here. something went funky with my latest install of radio; don't have any of the music features in the pulldown. maybe i should reinstall ... but i don't want to lose all this good work.

freshmeat: gutenberg index tracker. this sounds rather boss: "java application to view and download gutenberg etexts."

no-see-ums! out in force, the little buggers. anybody got a good 'repellent' that they could recommend?

macintouch: a fun thread on the pros/cons of lcd vs. crt monitors. guaranteed to obfuscate everything you think you know about the subject.

newsforge: why 2001 is not the year of the penguin.

which, by the way, we have an overabundance of *moths* here in santa fe. anybody else in the southwest running across this? (hal?)

working with radio takes a different way of thinking ... too much for my workload today. more time later.

bbc: close encounter with mars. an expected increase in ufo sightings. check the pics; somehow, its comforting to know natty professors still exist ...

webreference: menus with beauty and brains. fireworks tutorial.

ny times: powerpoint invades the classroom. gag me with a spoon. this is almost as bad as coke in schools ...

good morning! same blog, different day.

let's see what's going on ...