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dangerousmeta! is back online! it will take me a while to get the june postings over here, but they'll be online in the next day or so. [breath of relief. thanks, scott!]

thunderstorms coming. strange, orange-green light. no, no tornadoes. but lightning is coming as well. the sun is setting, slanting directly at us through sheets of rain. very odd light; beautiful and stark.

os opinion: broadband satellite.

jes' for the record, it's hot today.

cnn: 19% of kids online have been solicited for sex. the 'safety' of surfing at home is deceiving. kids should know to never reveal personal info; a 'chat/email drill' might be a good idea.

yahoo news: key senators slam broadband measure. "... rivals refuse to go after the residential customer because there is little or no profit margin ..." speaking for new mexico, the baby bells are correct. we won't get broadband, unless incentives are put in place. qwest has promised it to us, but that's the result of the u.s. west merger. whether or not we'll get it, that's a question.

salon: covers the kaycee hoax again, and this time with a twist in santa fe.

mac central: for $15 bucks extra, earthlink dsl will give you a fixed ip.

geeknews: watch out for dog drool.

the standard: new domain names hit europe. icann? they can't.

zdnet: red hat tux 2.0 blows away apache.

booknotes, oliver north ... you said a mouthful, craig.

inside.com: forget interactive tv; we want video-on-demand! the last thing in the world we need is more bad gui's ...

macnn: suitcase 10 for mac.

freshmeat: xist, xml-based extensible html generator, written in python.

santa fe new mexican: kicking up dust. a mica mine covers three square miles with dust. residential areas get powdered. a valuable lesson if the cheney energy initiative goes through. who gets to decide what is 'polluting' or 'hazardous'? how long can the issue get stalled in 'scientific research.'

ottowa citizen: vexillology. hey, and our new mexico flag is their favorite!

nytimes: the code behind native american rock art.

nytimes: putin says missile shield will spark new arms race. mr. bush and his cold-war era strategists are shoving russia into relations with china, and possibly middle eastern countries. the question is, will mr. bush use this as an example of russia's "untrustworthiness", and continue his path to a new arms race ... or will he wise up, eat a little crow, and start real negotiations?

nytimes: price limits extended. covers us here in new mexico; will we see lower prices?

cnn: the fight over kennewick man. given the polynesian's forays to hawaii, it would be foolish to assume none had ever broached north america ...

nando times: tva workers reprimanded for running seti@home software at work.

bbc: email slips, as web use grows. i thought the buzz was that "email's the power app." hmmph.

cnet: ibm lays foundation for 'home networking.' soon you'll be able to burn your to-do list on your toast ...

wired: emergency contraception via web.

wired: another microsoft iis security hole.

slashdot: best linux handheld?

security portal: the limits of security and the law.

linuxtoday: weekly python news and links.

kuro5hin: coke, fraud and justice not served.

dp review: firmware fixes for d1x and coolpix 995.

imaging resource: nikon d1x review.

had to turn the site off last night; don't want to get the deities of dialup mad at me. they could cut me off, you know ...