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atlantic monthly flashback to 1961: a woman's view, the captivity of marriage.

artnews: the mod bod. the body, in all facets, as art.

reason-online at an 'extropians' event ...

discovery: could 'the elder lady' be missing nefertiti?

freshmeat: smarty php template engine.

president theodore roosevelt, overlooking the grand canyon: "leave it as it is. you cannot improve on it. the ages have been at work on it, and man can only mar it."

reuters: road rage ... with a machete.

yahoo news: oh, c'mon. enough 'reaganing' already. remember, this is the man who said in a press release, "air pollution has been substantially controlled." in 1980.

kuro5hin: 7 to 10 pm tomorrow, remember to roll your own blackout.

lirux: three secrets of high traffic sites.

cnn: pasteurized eggs. good grief.

cnet: instant messaging may be persistent ... watch what you say.

zope.org: zope 2.3.3.

slashdot looks at corporate-sponsored research, points to the bayh-dole act.

cnet: red hat database.

i'm noticing a significant increase in spam today; anyone else?

duke of url: linux buyer's guide, 11.

mac central: the adobe void on os x; will it come aboard?

linuxtoday: codeweavers releases a new wine application database.

nytimes op-ed: invitation to an arms race. when the average american finally realizes the scope of of the missile defense buildup, one hopes there will be outrage at the stupidity of the whole concept. the military has been working on it unsuccessfully since the 50's ... one wonders how long we'll wait for the 'bush miracle' ...

nytimes: greatest adventure books list.

cnn: schools to notify parents when pesticides are used. i recall college students walking to class at princeton, while workmen spray 40' evergreens with chemicals ...

times literary supplement: what makes an artist?

people's daily: the rush to get chinese cultural artifacts out of the three gorges reservoir ... before filling. i seem to remember some article on the 'three gorges', mentioning the weight of this huge reservoir could alter the earth's period of rotation? have to look around again to find it.

the register: more people are able to browse, but they're doing less of it. "... because of the fear of being ripped off online or being subjected to unpleasant material." unfortunately, the web isn't utopia ... and it's naive to think it ever will be. see below.

webmonkey: smil 2, codeless animation in html. via zopenewbies.

kumo: xml schema.

inside.com: why the downturn is a good thing.

'anonymous' strikes again at geeknews, with 'petaflops, fuel cells and snipers, oh my ...'

php-nuke 5 is released.

i see the first wave of 4 megapixel cameras continues. be patient; at the end of the year, i'm wagering we will probably see the first 6 megapixel cams come in at our preferred price point (~$1000) ...

kuro5hin: capitalism, or anarchy.

the register: where you goin' in that rental car, dude?

free os: running a web server (apache), part one, part two, part three.

linuxtoday: richard stallman, scientists must put copyright aside. another utopian outlook.

pr newswire: dvd disc resurfacing. but would that make them vulnerable to the cd fungus?

spicynoodles continues the photo tour of ireland.

btw, that was about a mile away. the center of the storms passed both north and south. shot while sitting in my dining room, looking out the window. i could see lightning come down between houses. it's normal for new mexico; we're quite prolific for electrical storms come july.

i took a bunch of shots; this is one of the better ones. aperture 2.8, shutter speed, 6 seconds. i tried 16, 12 and 8 ... but at 16, the scenes came out way too bright. 12 was still a bit much. eight was okay ... but with six seconds, you needed to 'get in the rhythm' of the electrical discharges. it became a game. got a lot of black frames, but i also got a couple of neat ones like this:

lightning, dusk on june 19, 2001.

this is why.

good morning! the world looks rather clean and ... well, energized this morning.