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i see the new york times has a special on santa fe today. their quoted prices are averages; if you want to stay in downtown, look at $200 a night and up. though, 'garrett's desert inn' (no joke) is the most reasonable in the downtown area. no ambience in the rooms, but a great location to navigate town. and it's close to 'upper crust pizza', the best pizza anywhere.

it is *hot* here today. plan to do a few chores, then sit on my behind and do a little reading.

well, the santa fe skull and cactus club went out for a bite at harry's roadhouse, then whisked off to preview 'tomb raider.' my expectations going in were not high; going just for the effects [yeah, right]. the reviewers are pretty much spot-on, though i think picking this movie apart is an exercise in futility. you can see bold references to the video game, the writer's feeble attempts to create a story where none exists. there are some really dumb moments (skiing via boots w/vibram soles?), a couple of quick product plugs (sony memory stick, gerber knives, sony vaio, hp jornada, aston martin, ducati, etc.). there were many shots that, if the editor had taken more time, could have been made into something *really* fine. the bungee ballet, anticipating attack, for one. the outer space 3d renderings were kindergarten stuff. one thing stuck out ... in fact, stuck out all the time ... angelina jolie's *lips*. good lord, they cover half the screen, and in slower spots, the director gives 'em to us in large technicolor glory. 'louie the lip' is my new nickname for her. the arching eyebrows, and her obvious enthusiasm for the physicality of the role carries the film ... where the writers and director have dropped it. and thank goodness, there was only one 'xena' moment, in the initial robot battle. flying & twirling in defiance of the laws of gravity now has a certain comedic flavor that doesn't fit this film.

summation: the movie engages only on the surface. it's a romp; enjoy it as such. the women in the audience greatly enjoyed the 'strong feminine spirit with attitude', shouting catcalls at the screen as she kicks major male butt. this movie engages both men and women, equally.