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cafe guerbois.


evening: what a day i'm having. what a week i'm having. what a *month* i'm having. is it time to retire yet?

kumo: rss progress.

pat oliphaunt cartoon.

ny times: endangered species act gives *humans* short shrift? endangered species act 'used as a weapon'? what other choice have you given environmentalists, hmmm? working through the system just means those with the most cash win. disappointed in the ny times ...

council for secular humanism: ignorance is no crime. ignore darwin at your own peril.

national post, canada: music helps to heal brain injuries.

sfgate: victory for freelancers! "... copyright laws require big media companies such as the new york times to get freelancers' permission before posting their work online." watch those contracts, now.

netimperative: more japanese citizens log on via mobile than by desktop.

silicon.com: listbot will close down.

the register: the 'anti-smart-tag' meta tag may not turn off all smart tag features.

computer user: cable will beat out dsl.

geeknews: what's up with windows customization these days? a discussion falls dead.

i'm afraid that at least the beginning of this week is going to be fragmented; i've got a lot of stuff going on here that's just plain preventing weblogging. my apologies to my regulars; i'll do my best, but "real" life comes first.

back from dropping off the car for service.