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the nation: global apartheid.

ny times: book author smeared anita hill. does this really surprise anyone? i hope someone makes a stink about this inside the beltway ...

ny times: i may seldom agree with rumsfeld, but i agree on this ... the b-1b has been, and is, a waste of taxpayer dollars. reagan never should have started up the assembly lines after carter killed it ...

ny times: v.p. cheney withholds names of those consulted while formulating energy policy. if it were a military matter, i might not make a peep. but we have a right to know; we pay the bills.

phpslice and myphpslice.

nasa earth observatory: west coast may be in a 10 year 'dry' pattern.

bbc sci/tech: amazon rainforest could be gone in 50 years, scientist claims.

webref: improving performance with mod_perl, part one.

--> i see a mention of a flat panel imac. when i get a photo, i'll link it.

cnn: the bootids may be something this year.

dpreview: a 640mb compact flash card?!! i know i'm going to look back on this posting one day and laugh; as i did with a letter i wrote about the 'amazing' 40mb drives years ago ...

activestate: komodo 1.1 is out.

our july rainy season here in the high desert has started early. since solstice, we've been having regular afternoon thunderbumpers. today, they've begun early. i can no longer see the sandias, and i can tell that madrid is getting pounded just about ... now. it'll be another coupla hours before it reaches my digs.

i should mention i use flash regularly ... (grin) ...

to play devil's advocate, maybe 'flash domination' of the web might be something to worry about.

'course, we could avoid smart tags altogether ... program everything in macromedia flash. i was astonished at the proliferation of flash books at the local bookstore the other day, esp. since 5.0 came out. one whole wall section! when i was digging in flash 4 books, there were *six* books. and i'm meeting more and more young designers who don't work in anything else, and have no knowledge of 'standards' ...

downloaded the latest ie 6 preview, turned on smart tags. haven't seen one yet! the css rendering of em fonts is different; or at least, the cascading is now working as it logically should. as opposed to other browsers. so i need to revisit my style sheets *again*. later: i'm also viewing a slew of 'centered text' weblogs. can't be everyone's gone 'centered' all at the same time, so i assume ie6 is still having rendering problems.

washington post: we all have aids. aids now has the dubious distinction of being the most lethal epidemic in human history ... yet it seems that profit motive precludes treatment.

ny times: a potent little article, serfs on the web. i recommend a reading, and some thought.

ny times: how did space get its dimensions? i wonder what it's like to be alive when a new dimension takes form ...

ny times: the new 'federal judge' rodeo!

content-wire: picking a content management system.

ninemsn: if you've got a phillips mobile phone, you own a dead end.

msnbc: earthlink raises monthly fees.

wired: the ms monopoly vigil.

xmlhack: fission of xml elements through regular expressions.

vaults of parnassus: SHPP, simple hypertext preprocessor. python.

bsd today: release dates and goals.

linuxworld.dk: introduction to win4lin.

linux mag: 'red hat network' ... an attempt to create a 'windows update' for linux. a martha stewart 'good thing' ...

kuro5hin ponders musical cycles ...

dpreview: the nikon d1x graces sports illustrated with a two page spread. there goes film ...


still very busy; minimal postings today.