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listening to the 'blade runner' soundtrack, and contemplating the meaning of life tonight. i haven't had any epiphanies yet; i'll let you know if i do.

i could have also said 'thigh-master violins', but it just doesn't have the same punch ...

the sun has just set; no storms about. just high, pink clouds, blue sky, and mountains. a gentle breeze is coming from the west. the birds are looking for their roosts, and the crickets are tuning up their foot-fiddles ...

dave mentions a term ['neener-neener'] a friend used to use. the friend is gone, i don't know where. i miss it (and the friend, moreso). if you happen to read this, contact me, friend.

ever wonder what europe and the middle east were like in the late 1860's? read mark twain's "innocents abroad." very 'ugly american', but you'll never envision the 'holy land' in the same way (or take neo-christian mythologizing at face value either) ... baksheesh! baksheesh!

slashdot: biotech and the environment. i have no intrinsic complaints about biotech, provided they are *fully researched* ... as in 'bush-level global warming research' ... (grin) ...

tough choices at kuro5hin: homeless with ten children.

for poor, dear nessie, you'll always haunt my dreams ...

many miles away there's a shadow on the door
of a cottage on the shore
of a dark scottish lake

-- the police, synchronicity ii

discovery: 'nessie' is just an earth tremor. sometimes, science is just no fun.

ny times op-ed: turning california on. must we continue this painful circle? corporations and industries are incapable of regulating themselves. "generators deliberately withheld electricity from the market in order to drive high prices even higher."

reuters: vangelis to honor mars space program at ancient athenian temple.

reuters: sorry, george, we don't want the mexican rattletraps navigating our highways.

since upgrading my previous ie6 beta, i'm happy to say that apparently my installation is buggy. smart tags don't work on my system. i've turned off, on, rebooted. nothing. so i guess i'll stay blissfully ignorant, hoping they break on everyone else's systems as well ...

cnet: microsoft xp hardware changes a turnoff.

geeknews: new european tld - '.eu'. wait two years? what happened to 'internet time'?

freshmeat: from yesterday ... html to xml convertor.

cnn: vladimir putin gives bush a symbolic warning. russia's in a better position to reactivate their nuclear program, in spite of financial problems. they have more of the materials ...

ny times: the 2000 bordeaux season seems especially fine. time to stock your cave ...

found a great archaeological news item site; items going back three years, chronological. but linkrot has made most of the information there useless; tasty intriguing nuggets with no substance. a damned shame.

zope: formulator, event folder.

santa fe new mexican: first 'black death' plague victim diagnosed this year. besides hantavirus, rodents of the southwest also are the source for this little lovely item. thought 'the plague' was gone? only antibiotics stand between us and *real* germ warfare ...

sandia releases its supercomputer program to the public. make your own cray.

the age.au: the church of jedi.

the atlantic: mad poet's society. once again, bringing up that age-old argument: does one have to be loony to be a good artist? or do you just have to travel farther afield ... ?

philly inquirer: reissue of westminster classical recordings.

ireland.com: calling sherlock holmes ... premeditated art heist.

xmlhack: xlink and xmlbase are now w3c recommends.

internet news: one net, one law? worldwide legal precedent? utopian thinking again.


linux journal: free software and multimedia.

kumo: interface design considerations.

bbc sci/tech: io glows.

maccentral: apple confirms hiring of freebsd co-founder.

xmlhack: toolkit for newsml. oh, and rdfstore.

webref: heirmenus central.

linksys instant gigadrive.

linux journal: debian package management, part two.

wired: 'putografia virtual'. it is amazing how a minority will stereotype itself. there are many who work at los alamos who are 'latino' ... with phd's.

lotta links: macnn does the roundup of macworld ny.

of interest at freshmeat: open cms.

kuro5hin: revenge of mozilla. remove ie, oe, etc. etc.

the air is fresh and clean, the sun is shining, and water is standing in puddles from the storms last night. quiet and peaceful this morn.

a lot to accomplish today, in prep for a meeting tomorrow.