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now, my recommendation for today is to go out there and fight mediocrity ...

a shot from the other evening; odin was up to something. clouds were way low, and had the feeling of evil intent ...

clouds were *low*

there's a huge thunderstorm spinning off the sangres ... heading this way. looks like a giant hand, with lightning flashing between the fingers ... an hour, and we'll start getting drenched.

via metafilter, france's 35 hour workweek is boosting their economy.

santa fe new mexican: the santa fe opera season starts. tuxedos to kilts.

nytimes: japanese 'parasite singles'.

nytimes: eco-vandals. the 'anarchist's golfing association?' the goal of this kind of 'monkeywrenching' is to make exploitation expensive. from this article, it looks like they're succeeding in that, but building a groundswell of displeasure from average america.

reuters: speed trap city bankrupted by speeding ticket debt. yeah, it's not just 'the dukes of hazzard' ... driving texas backroads, you *watch* for those speed limit signs. they love out-of-state license plates. georgia's a good one, too.

wake up to find ... another 'ex-mouse.' i've now seen it with my own eyes, mice can run up vertical adobe walls; they don't need cables or cracks. i thought only lizards had that talent. once again, and not for the last time ... boy, was i wrong.