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dimming the silicon ... see you mañaña ...

bbc sci-tech: there's more to the solar system than just pluto.

slashdot: babylon 5 and battlestar galactica return? guys, buck rogers' sidekick was erin gray, and she fizzed my phasers for a couple of years ...

ny times op-ed: william safire makes me laugh. there is no such thing as 'independence' ... we all exist based on the action (or inaction) of others. we would have no independence but for france, spain and holland (declared war in 1778, 1779, and 1780 respectively). who had the fleets to counter great britain? we sure didn't. mr. safire wastes a great opportunity in showing how america was created by assistance from members of the current european union. or are we only supposed to recognize events since the 1900's? i should think he would be emphasizing cooperation and common goals ... not arrogance and divergent goals.

nytimes: opening the gulf of mexico to further offshore drilling. everyone's worried about florida; what do mississippi and alabama think?

andrea and andre take a bike tour ... looks so moist and green! big contrast from new mexico's forests ...

geeknews: windows xp release candidate one.

zdnet: are your websites in compliance with gramm-leach-billey? financial institutions only ...

cnet: walmart develops a 'net photo service.

google zeitgeist.

javascript: new window, no title bar. busting the ui. be sure to include a 'close window' indication ...

mac central: six contextual menu plug-ins. free.

vaults of parnassus: wxpython 2.3.0.

security portal: protecting information.

the register: solaris bug could take shine off sun servers.

metafilter: the 'best' of the u.s. court system. oh, geez ...

cringeley: long distance wireless dsl.

nothing much happening locally here, except rain ...

reuters: inside.com now a pay-for service. $3.95/month.

reuters: british senior retires to live on a cruise ship. price is comparable to the old folks home ...

ny times op-ed: bush, president by name only?

yimac, dynamic dns client software for mac.

ny times: time to move beyond the 'folder' directory paradigm?

sunday times.uk: nurture over nature, this time.

information week: online multimedia presentations.

mac central: apple, adobe, and mac os x. you won't see adobe at macworld expo ...

geeknews: web-based collaborative artwork.

just another manic monday. but i don't wish it was sunday; make it friday night.