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emu, embeddable utility language.

zope 2.4 beta 3 released.

excuse the rambling. i'm resetting my foundations ... out loud. sometimes i forget ...

but once in a while, i still get up early and watch the sun rise. that simple effort often brings back that freshness, that clear unobstructed fascination with the glory of our world. to see creation as a child ...

of course, i put it all away at a certain point. admiring the female figure took all my time ... [grin] ... and no self-respecting girl would ever be interested in a guy with mason jars of swamp water in his room ... or at least, so i thought.

speaking of bugs, i remember dad going out and buying me 'the curious naturalist', by niko tinbergen. birds and bugs. what a summer i had! with that book, a butterfly net made out of an old diaper, and a cardboard box. everything from tiger swallowtails to cecropia moths. bombus. i still call them that! no mere 'bumblebee' ... they looked like a 'bomb' to me, small as i was at the time. later on, i was lucky enough to have my older sister leave her microscope at home ... a binocular zeiss job (she was a med student). all through high school, i went raiding streams and lakes, checking out the weird microscopic animal life. cyclops, amoebas, paramecium. the only thing i had to store them in was a bunch of mason jars found in the basement. [everything lived longer in the blue mason jars, btw.] my aunt introduced me to banding birds. early chill mornings walking through mason's farm down near raleigh/durham in the spring and fall, chasing birds into japanese mist nets. learning to weigh and sex birds, recording all the statistics in journals. finding out that cardinals get *mad*, and can bite a piece off your finger. living with the edmund scientific catalog. giant war surplus magnets, prisms. dreams of grinding my own telescope mirror. great memories. the sheer diversity of life that existed under our very noses drove my curiousity. having real things to build and learn about ... i pity today's kids with computers. you've got to get physical with science to really know what's going on ... imho.

one thing i miss, being here in the desert ... lightning bugs. sitting here in the darkening evening, i find myself often thinking of the small miracle that is a lightning bug ...

maybe it's just me.

i did a quick flick through daniel boorstin's "the discoverers" again over the weekend, and drew many parallels to weblogging from the growth and acceptance of the aldine press. we're still very, very early in the development cycle. many things have yet to occur. but i can't get over my, well, boredom with the internet. it's been terribly dull lately. doing analog things has been much more satisfying ...

it's been very hot here the past couple of days. hasn't really gotten to me until today. our july monsoon rains haven't shown up yet ... not a good sign. they're usually here like clockwork the first week of july. of course, i should contrast it with last year ... i was still breathing smoke from the various forest fires, and working in my underwear ...

chronicle of higher ed: the problem with studying school vouchers.

economist.uk: "viewrinals." and you thought gas pumps were bad. i wonder if they'll show that britney spears/bob dole ad ...?

new yorker: dreaming about war. who is andrew w. marshall, and what has he to do with the 'revolution in military affairs?'

commentary: shopping with saddam hussein.

detroit free press: july 6. two bushes for the price of one. george w. has daddy on speed-dial. george sr. has direct access to ms. rice and mr. powell.

the spectator.uk: a brit has a grand old time in the big apple.

atlantic monthly flashback: july, 1926 ... abolishing marriage in russia.

santa fe new mexican: changing course for missile defense. the emphasis is on 'testing', not 'deployment.' look for some creative writing over the next couple of years ...

it's monday syndrome, i guess. i'm getting things accomplished, but it feels like i'm dragging them to completion rather than pushing them. it's semantics here; maybe i just need an attitude adjustment ...

scientific american on beowulf, the do-it-yourself supercomputer.

infomesa summit here in santa fe, august 2001. so we're the 'infomesa' ... but where's the broadband?

time: the war over the west. will read it tonight, if i have the opportunity ...

metafilter: assember.org is gone, spawning some interesting discussions ...

barebones mailsmith 1.1.7. many changes.

cosmiverse: glaxo wellcome may be liable for killing british babies with a substandard whooping cough vaccine.

ny times: mccain a 'bully' on campaign finance. he has a right to expect a 'quid pro quo', i think ...

ny times: 'me-zine' journalism. journalists looking at journalists with weblogs.

reuters: the high priest of the british white witches says you ride a broomstick 'brush forward' ... though anyone who knows anything about aerodynamics can tell you the brush would cause an awful lot of drag in that position.

cnn: cemetery as outdoor sculpture gallery.

cnn: low income vs. high income voting disparities. not just florida; national.

cnn: 401(k) plans losing money. 'retirement' will be a myth ...

zdnet: you're probably being watched, right now. makes me want to encrypt my email ...

philly inquirer: 'the book of kells', 24/7.

ny times: dot-museum.

macperl 5.6.1.a3.

if you read italian: http://www.zope.it.

kumo: javascript regex apps.

webmasterbase: making your site pda-friendly.

vnu.net: how u.s. spooks secure win2k and cisco routers.

bbc sci/tech: forests are not the great 'carbon dioxide' absorbers some believe ... which means, we have to find a way to eliminate our emissions.

bbc sci/tech: male and female brains 'work differently.' i just have to comment: they just found this out?!

webreference: why choose a schema over a dtd.

david wheeler: why open source/free software? look at the numbers.

update to squishdot.

gnu press release: two 'free' projects to 'replace' .net.

slashdot: why not ruby?, and installing linux [debian] on an ibook.

the server was down again yesterday, until about seven pm. i figured i'd be taoist, and do something else. so i cleaned the car, and enjoyed a sunny sunday.