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kumo: piddle.

kuro5hin takes a stab at 'intellectual property reform.'

i didn't even think, and now it's too dark to capture them on the digital camera ... rats.

just had a thunderstorm grow right over top. the sun is still setting, so we're getting intermittent heavy showers in full sun! looking east, you can see entire rainbows, one on top of another. gorgeous.

xmlhack: using the xalan xslt processor from python.

osopinion: microsoft continues to fumble the ball ... xp this time.

the register: hp offers 'pay-as-you-go' pricing for servers.

found this in my referrer logs: enos & ghukfvin. investigate the jelly buttons. photography.

nytimes: the g.o.p. fetes the late whittaker chambers. but he wasn't the man they mythologize today ...

ananova: dog chases stick, returns with live grenade. let me point out, europe has been a battlefield for years. you dig in your yard with a sense of solemnity ... that spadeful might be your last.

newsforge: dloo releases a peer-to-peer programming language.

zdnet: get tomorrow's notebooks today. dynamism sells japanese notebooks in the u.s. salon: save lives, defy nature. not everyone is cut out to be a parent. this article comes across as a rant, and as such misses many details. but i agree with one concept: if you're having kids because you believe you're 'supposed to', you're doing it for the wrong reasons.

salon: animal rights group wants to view footage of "survivor" pig killing. does noone hunt in australia?

for some strange reason, edward bear's "last song" has been running through my brain. can't figure it out. watch out for the embedded .wav if you click the link ... it's awful.

popquestions. just some fluff.

ny times: if you want campaign finance reform to pass, call/fax your congresspersons *today*. now's a good time.

reuters: woman uses cell phone on plane, disrupts communications. whoof. i'd throw her in the dungeon. with all the electronics onboard planes these days, and the slim margins of air safety that are managed by those devices. i just remember going through my landing checks, and having an outage. i was in a single engine beech sport, and there was a 737 behind me ... talk about water falling on the floor. idiotic. she risked everyone's life for a damned phone call.

washington post: why rock stars don't smile in photographs. must be a slow news day.

wired: mr. greenberg and national geographic. certainly mr. greenberg has a right to be compensated for other uses of his photos; after all, national geographic is receiving compensation. i wonder if the other photographers on the cd-rom are. in the broader view, the recent freelance victory in the supreme court will drive more sites to seek compensation. in a time when we're looking for 'authoritativeness' on the web, i believe we'll be cracking our wallets first ...

vancouver sun: "worst beginnings to imaginary novels."

cnn europe: rare da vinci up for sale. later: it sold for 11.4 million ...

maccentral: new sgi flat panel monitor. 18.1", $1495. oh, and panorama is back, and also available for windows.

linux.com: the future of php.

dot com builder: migrating a website.

macnn: stuffit for linux, solaris.

computerworld: linux fanatics, linux potential.

freshmeat: twisted python, php_lib_login.

slotserver! a complete server in one pci slot.

screwed up my dates again.