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also, i had one european friend email; 'getting your ears lowered' is a southern phrase for getting one's hair cut. just fyi.

i have to puzzle out why weblogs.com hates my redirect. i haven't had an update listed there in ages; i've altered the updates page, and still no soap. got a couple of other tricks to try ...

santa fe new mexican: zozobra will rock this year. more music. check out this picture! see the guy at the bottom, ready to torch 'old man gloom'?

nytimes: eric zabel is kicking sprinter butt in the tour de france. lance armstrong is seventh, and the u.s. postal team didn't finish well. will this be telekom's year?

nytimes: the state department notifies u.s. embassies of missile defense plans. doesn't this have to pass congress first?

reuters: harrison ford plays the hero in real life. actually, i believe this is his second time. he and his helicopter seem to be a godsend in yellowstone country.

reuters: senate backs drilling ban on national monuments. good.

cnn's front page redesign is now less user-friendly, at least for me. you now have to click to the individual sections to get anything other than the single latest item. i guess they want more hits.

here's a novelty, via freshmeat: apache::asp. active server pages port to apache, with perl as the scripting language. i can't remember having seen this before ...

inside.com: teenager reading habits may be better than you think.

mac central: macromedia flash for os x makes an appearance at the flashforward keynote. macromedia claims 96% of browsers now have the flash plugin installed, though as per usual, they don't reveal marketshare for each version of the plugin (2,3,4,5). it does matter.

pcworld: amazon halts preorders for windows xp; 'big mistake' ... microsoft hasn't set final pricing yet.

cnet: a 128 cpu server, courtesy fujitsu. blue cross/blue shield the first customer? makes me wonder about heat exhaustion ... oh, bad ...

the register: the big news for today ... ms will allow you to remove internet explorer from windows xp. the licensing for pc manufacturers changes as well. though i have a funny feeling this all comes to naught, at this late date.

infoworld: intel stop shipment of xeon 900 mhz server chips.

down again. colo had some power problems. everything should be hunky-dory again.

ny times op-ed: the social security surplus is endangered.

ny times review of 'final fantasy.' it'll be quaint in a year or two ...

ny times: george bush visits new york city. hand up, please ...

cnn: polaroid mulls bankruptcy. they misjudged digital photography, and one-hour photo developing.

foreign policy: think again about russia. there may be light ...

minneapolis star-tribune: marketing narnia. as a kid, i grokked none of the religious symbolism. moral issues, yes. religion, no. pretty silly, if you ask me.

dallas morning news: concert ticket grosses drop 12%. the economy, or just high ticket prices?

mac: iview mediapro is up to 1.1.

developerworks: recurse, not divide, to conquer.

kumo: imaging lingo.

clickz: lessons of the x10 popunder.

byte: a summer potpourri of tools and books.

wired: uh-oh. 60% of americans are open to internet taxation.

linuxplanet: a moderate approach to intellectual property.

the register: the internet is the root of all evil.

successor to napster?

via reutellog: sunken ship adventure. a well-preserved wreck, with a secret cargo ...

looks like the server was down again for a while last evening. but on the bright side, i get my ears lowered today.