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santa fe new mexican: native american religion and prisons don't mix. makes me think: don't sikhs carry knives? and i would imagine religion could have a strong role in rehabilitation (morals, and all that).

space.com: amelia earhart's plane may be found? via the excellent reutellog ...

aaron burr jr.'s grave in the princeton cemetery. in 1976, this grave was buried and hidden in a bush, the only bush near 'presidents row', where all the former presidents of princeton university are buried (aaron burr sr. is one). i was a 'bicentennial tour guide', and against bureaucratic consensus, i included him on the tours i gave. the bush was cleared away in the late 80's/early 90's, and the bronze plaque added. rehabilitated? well, sort of ...

i'm not saying he was an angel; but like all men, he was not a devil either. but it's hard to get the man's own *words*. all one can commonly find is editorials, opinions ... others judging his behavior and character.

btw, i missed it yesterday: july 11, 1804, aaron burr jr. shot alexander hamilton in a duel on the banks of the hudson, at weehawken, n.j. it is interesting to note that it's virtually impossible to find aaron burr jr.'s writings, on the web or elsewhere. adolph hitler, you can find. aaron burr is considered the personification of evil in america, and quite undeserved. nobody forced alexander hamilton to take part in the duel! and what about aaron burr's 'treason'? read the trial manuscripts sometime. thomas jefferson's behavior will shock you.

ny times op-ed: stay within the bounds of the abm treaty, mr. bush. we signed it; we must honor it. to break it, is to become a rogue nation.

ny times book review: libraries in the ancient world.

reuters: big august shakeup for cnn.

reuters: french garden gnomes get religion.

cnn: playing games in the house. campaign finance may be shelved until next year. my new mexican representatives, take note: you won't get my vote if this gets shelved.

zdnet/interactive week: speculation on new mac hardware.

zope.org: howtos and tips for blark weblog.

washington post: nukes, a lesson from russia.

resources for epson printers. having a cmyk vs. rgb crisis at the moment ...

cnet: motorola cuts outlook for next two quarters.

webref: another update to heirmenus.

linuxtoday: linux and sgi power 'final fantasy.'

macnn: adobe says, get a grip. os x compatibility is coming.

freshmeat: visual tcl.

dpreview updates their nikon d1x review.

the register: big leap in cd jewel case technology. no joke; this looks like hope for my wide fingertips ...

slashdot: mysql.com vs. mysql.org. if you use mysql, read this one.

preparing for a road trip tomorrow; and where am i going? you'll find out later ...