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btw, the santa fe horse park polo field is kept green by water and ... effluent. post-process, of course.

polo this afternoon, some snaps (just quick; no enhancements):

and now, i'm sitting on my butt, reading a book on our patio with the fountain going ...

today, we went to cloud cliff bakery and had a hearty breakfast, and then went to the santa fe horse park to watch a polo match. we hadn't done this before, so it was a new discovery. the horse park has polo *every* weekend, and the facility is huge and gorgeous. if i have time in a bit, i'll post a couple of pix. the players seemed to like the other side of the field, so some of the shots don't have the ... well, detail ... that i had hoped for.

last night, to celebrate our anniversary, we went to a relatively new restaurant here in santa fe, 'rociada'. french cuisine, on johnson street just west of the georgia o'keeffe gallery. ample parking (amazing in santa fe), and the wait staff was excellent. almost too excellent. i think i downed half a bottle of poully-fuisse before i knew what had happened! but i had center cut pork loin, sandra had duck, mussels and other treats. we met and engaged a nice couple at the next table in conversation, and had a thoroughly wonderful evening.

thank you, all of you who sent words of wisdom, sympathy and understanding. it helps. i'll answer your emails as soon as i can.