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'professional sounds for flash.'

what is flash nexus?

nytimes op-ed: breaking the treaty. if china decides to invigorate their nuclear program, you can write off tibet. they're using the plateau for a launch platform. and this is what worries me; the permutations have not been strategized fully. breaking the current treaty will start an arms race of missiles that the n.m.d. is not designed to protect against. so why do it?

didn't find much design inspiration in the flash books; but i did get excited about the xml implementations. i've got some plans for that functionality, yessirree.

back from the bookstore. i was looking through various 3-d magazines, and what do i see on the front? look close. you'll recognize that smiling face ... or, more precisely, the name ...

history of dumas' musketeers. navigation is a bit non-obvious; press 'next'. minimal to the point of being misunderstandable.

getting ready to trip on over to the bookstore. i have an 'entry tunnel' style flash animation to create, and i'm completely dry of ideas. i have a set of elements i have to animate, but i just can't reconcile all of them together right now. time for a little paradigm shifting. besides, any excuse to go to the book store is a good excuse ...

kumo: perl dbi.

bbc: u.n. small arms agreement moves forward, but not after surrendering to u.s. demands.

dot com builder: crash course. use non-crisis time to learn maintenance of critical systems.

freshmeat: mysource 0.9 (php/mysql/apache content management).

camworld has an important observation about the new/old hotmail ... lost email! if you don't use it, you lose it?

nytimes: thomas kuhn, and how valid is science, really? i'm going to pick up a copy of 'the structure of scientific revolutions.'

vocabula review: a society is as lax as its language. bravo.

nytimes: batten down the hatches ... opec ready to cut production again. what will our greedy oil conglomerates do?

velonews: lance armstrong is back in the yellow jersey again. go lance! laurent jalabert had a heroic 162 km solo breakaway.

a good question brought up: how would we react if russia came to us with the 'anti-ballistic missile' idea? obviously, the pentagon would go nuts.

in reference to america and treaties (think ballistic missiles), a friend from one of the pueblos mentioned that america doesn't have the best record with treaties. from a native american perspective, treaties with the u.s. government are always one-sided, and end up being 'broken' in underhanded and quite creative ways. for my european friends who are interested, a read of 'bury my heart at wounded knee', by dee brown, might flesh out the information quite nicely.

happy saturday!