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a poster on kuro5hin asks for views on america, from abroad.

oh good grief. you don't remember 'the six million dollar man'? that's the steve austin reference.

via yahoonews and metafilter: the 'iceman' died from battle wounds. an arrow killed him. were the high alps a battleground?

the register: be profits are up 615%.

zope: whoops! zope hotfix alert! cgi.py needs a patch; even for latest zope.

kumo: web app wednesday.

i've lost more weight over the last month ... it all comes off the chest, shoulders and arms first, unfortunately. now i'll have to work to get it all back before fall.

[excuse the blue jean shorts; they're my summer uniform.]

as soon as i was done running on the treadmill (i'm standing on it), i had to dive onto the bed (bottom of picture) as fast as possible and 'assume the position' on my left side so they could do recovery scans - without pulling any wires loose. seems a simple thing ... not so. we had to practice for me to get in the right spot so he could scan my heart.

so i ain't steve austin.  get over it.

so, in other words, i'm guardedly happy. the question now is, how do i deal with this bizarre feeling in my chest? i guess i just ignore it ...

4:51 p.m. ... i'm baaaack. i've got to upload some pictures! well, the premature ventricular contractions were well documented, that's for sure. i got to see my heart! they use one of those devices like they use for checking out pregnant mothers. i could see valves, ventricles ... it was very cool. the technician was very explanatory, showed me all kinds of cool things. i now have a 'nike swoop' shaved in my chest ... i guess i should just shave everything off now, and let it all grow back. the treadmill was a piece of cake. it took an 18 degree incline (at whatever speed they set) to get me to 180 (all they wanted was 152). in the two seconds it took to jump off the treadmill and get on the table for 'recovery' scans, my heartrate dropped to 140. the technicians were having a blast ... they were getting crystal clear views, when my lungs were out of the way. after the exercise, i practically had to hold my breath so they could even see the heart. i guess they mostly do this for very old folks. we should have had the test catered, really ... we were all having that much fun (though i was still nervous). my starting b.p., if i heard right, was unbelievably low today (98/68?). on the monitor, the tech did see borderline mitral valve prolapse ... the upper part of the valve flutters when open, but never 'overcloses'. it has almost the characteristic 'd' shape (look at me, the cardio pro), but not quite. they were also picking up a couple of 'doublets' and 'triplets' of pvc's as i cooled down. so the cardiologist is going to interpret the results this afternoon, and i might get my diagnosis by tomorrow. but the mood in the room was that i'm rather healthy ... so i'll hang on to that thought, solidly.

off to the cardio ... be back in a coupla hours.

the times of india photo gallery always has something interesting ...

times of india: u.s. national missile defense for friends also, not just allies. ah, now i see. the question: how much will it cost each 'friend' or 'ally'? maybe we should invest in raytheon and all the others ...

times of india: racism isn't just a problem in the u.s.

santa fe new mexican: mariachi at the santa fe opera?

ananova: nightclub patrons may be at risk from tb. britain, but i'm sure metropolitan u.s. should be warned ...

ananova: jenna bush went to a party 'with strippers'. what's the diff between that and seeing a britney spears concert?

i take that back. i've seen them doing "touch 'n' go's" at the roswell air base. but that's it.

a roar from outside. i step out, and look up. mmm-hmmm. second time in a month i've seen a b-1 bomber fly over. in the entire four years i've been in santa fe, i haven't seen one fly over until rumsfeld began to make noise about phasing them out ...

now there's a concept. a client was in the office; i was burning a cd for him (a screensaver project). he observed me updating the weblog. i briefly explained what this weblog does. his comment? "don't you have anything better to do?" boy, that cuts to the quick, doesn't it?

ny times: walker evans on display at the getty.

ny times: the trucking bill. mexican trucks are a disaster. unless proper safeguards are instituted, this bill should be passed. shame, mr. mccain.

reuters: the suicidal poets' society.

reuters: white house claims it is cooperating with environmental probe. the quote from the white house is well-nigh unbelievable ... the republicans set the tone for these kinds of subpoenas; you can't foist the 'old washington ways' onto the democrats, my friends.

this is london: book review, the mummy congress.

weekly standard: another view of mortimer adler.

dallas morning news: test marketing satellite radio. i just want less talk ... and no ads.

the globe and mail: should virtual actors pay union dues?

the times.uk: is fashion art?

the register: metallica wants to 'share music.' huh?

zope.org: dispense with the javascript. picturelink is available.

linux journal: we're not your enemies ... we're your customers. in ref to the dmca ...

vnunet: 'webby award winning porn site hacked by pink fluffy rabbit.' can't get much weirder than that ...

bbc: united states refuses to sign germ warfare treaty. what can i say that i haven't already said? later: reuters has an article that spells things out a bit more clearly.

bbc: buying into .info.

cnet: many web developers prefer mysql ...

web reference: heirmenus showcase.

vaults of parnassus: soap.py.

o'reilly: linux software for the guitarist.

linux planet: 'the weakest link' ... microsoft?

dpreview: ipix panoramic kit now available for nikon coolpix 995.

the register: how 'green' is windows? unix?

i'm a little nervous, but i'm also excited. this'll be the first good exercise i've had in almost a month. i've been going *nuts* ...

good morning. my stress echocardiogram is today; finally, i'll find out what the hell is going on. 2:20 pm mst gmt-7 today. wish me luck.