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interesting read: a chinese perspective on missile defense. fills in a few holes i'd been wondering about.

ny times: an m.i.t. professor says the pentagon is trying to silence him. ah, another twist. the national missile defense system can't distinguish between a 'decoy' and a warhead, and probably won't ever be able to. which makes it entirely useless. a hundred decoys, and one warhead ... that's all it would take. cost-efficient to attack us that way, too. give up on missile defense, mr. bush.

the guardian.uk: before you condemn the protesters in genoa, read this disturbing article about the italian paramilitary.

xmlhack: xml data binding resources.

cnn: graves found near dead sea scroll site. now this could get interesting. a lot of current religious dogma would be shaken if the 'essenes' were not a sect, but mainstream. this find won't shed that kind of light ... but will others? more info in this light.

i finally got an answer back from raichle, europe. they don't sell the 'serious' hiking boots in the u.s.a. ... only the nubuck/nylon weekender styles. drats.

another thunderstorm ... or at least, the rain's here. thunder's coming ...

ananova: mapping the dna of ... bananas. okay, joe scientist, let's talk some priorities here. couldn't the bananas wait? how 'bout tuberculosis, hantavirus, malaria ...

ananova: earth is 200 million years older than previously thought. recalibrated radioactive dating, not currently-suspect carbon dating ...

bbc: do you have to be pretty to be published? as you get older, do you become invisible? a question that's definitely on my mind. there's a paradigm for the young and the very old, but what about 'middle age'? in an era of increased health and well-being, where does middle age start, where does it end? what's the role or stereotype? with age, one expects wisdom ... but we tend to find dogma. the rehashing of things already learned by rote, the exploration of which threatens to topple self-perceptions. it's time we all acted our age. but what does that *mean*?

faz: vindicate schliemann and homer. was the iliad for real?

via xblog: organic information design.

bbc sci/tech: the old kingdom of egypt may have ended because of severe climate change. in light of kyoto, a lesson?

cnet: popunder ads "build brand awareness at the expense of brand affinity." better for name recognition than for sales. in other words, everyone will know who 'x10' is when they go chapter 11 ...

wired: dot.biz, an illegal lottery?

pcworld: russian programmer remains behind bars. i don't care what you say ... adobe's still a snitch. they denounced, and now are saving face by calling for his release? sounds like the bloody french revolution. 'oh, i didn't really want him to be guillotined ... but we have to turn in aristocrats.'

cnn: ancient fishing linked to modern crises. lewis & clark pretty much put the 'native american' animal stewardship myth to bed. most tribes were starving, disease-ridden. a current theory holds that the european illnesses killed off so many natives in the 1600's/1700's, that the animals had a chance to rebound by the 1860's ... the mythical giant bison herds and such. i'm sure hal knows more about this than i do.

ny times op-ed: tobacco -- it's dead serious.

cnn: whoops. looks like the transfer of the v.p. residence's energy bills was begun during the clinton administration. i think i kept my big trap shut over this one ...

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