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yahoonews: another darwin award? man jumps in thermal pool at yellowstone to try to save family dog. 200 degrees. the dog died; the man almost did as well.

if environmental and health costs were added to the cost of electricity from oil and coal, our bills would be 30% higher. i believe it. i'm surprised it's not higher.

shows you how distracted i've been ... it's spanish market weekend in town. it's *packed*. had to wait almost forty minutes to get dinner. that's ok ... any dinner where i don't have to cook or do the dishes is a celebration.

help net security: serious php-nuke vulnerability.

feedreader's up to 1.65b. i need to check it more often; this update is blazing fast. if you scan rss channels, try this out. i check about 60 sources every half hour ... feedreader does 'em in a coupla minutes, all in the background. pops up a little balloon from the task bar, with a list of new stories for each feed. sure saves time.

in case you haven't noticed, reuters has replaced cnn as a primary news source here. the new design of cnn takes too many clicks and scrolls to find news, and their rss channel is not helpful to the way i post news. now if i can find a reuters rss channel, i'll be really happy ...

reuters: bugs on mars? shades of 'starship troopers'? looks like nasa misplaced the viking lander data ...

reuters: beatrix potter took names from graves for her children's books? sensationalist, to say the least. i wonder if these people were alive when she was, or if they had been well-known in town. what a macabre twist they've put on this! i mean, c'mon. the lincoln memorial's named after a dead man, too. is that twisted, or what?

now i want to buy one of these.

okay, since alwin isn't around, martin gave me a blog-beating ...

once again, see below. clean bill of health!

reuters: they may not like lance armstrong, but they have to respect his performance. i'm afraid the rumors ... whether his cancer treatments boosted his performance (which seems unlikely from here; most cancer drugs drain you, not build you up) ... will dog his reputation. i'd like to see how his physical attributes (vo2max etc.) compare to indurain and others who dominated the sport. from what i understand noone's come close to indurain's vo2max. armstrong's performance before the cancer were irregular, to say the least. one wondered if he had the stamina, or the willpower, to make the entire tour. if armstrong goes after the hour record, we should find out more.

xmlhack: css 3, the box model.

the register: four new ways to stuff someone's windows box.

note that reuters has also done a bit of a design change. smaller fonts on the additional articles.

reuters: now, everyone here knows i'm not especially enamored of president bush. but when he says he's going to go out and talk to the cows, i approve heartily. i'm sure the conversations are at a higher level than inside the beltway ... [sfx: sound of elephant trumpet, sound of donkey bray]. if he starts talking to chickens, as i'm sure john does, i'll start to worry ... (grin) ...

reuters: house backs tougher arsenic tap water standard. i want a tougher standard as well ... but not sky-high water costs. as i've mentioned before, it seems more economical to put filters in the household, rather than at the treatment plant. and the filters would be beneficial for other elements beyond arsenic ... esp. lead from older delivery pipes.

excuse my giddiness. i just remembered! the climb to wheeler peak awaits. after a month off, can i get in good enough shape before fall? i know what i'm doing this weekend ...

whoof. the real world returns. the dryer just blew a breaker and overheated, and the engine light went on in the car. trouble comes in threes, right? this should be it then, for the weekend.

i have learned a valuable lesson through this; have good health coverage. i have been convinced of my immortality at times in my life, and gone without. at the present time, i'm only carrying hospitalization and surgical. these tests and doctor visits set me back about $2500, all out-of-pocket, all due at time of service (no 30 day or other billing). in three weeks, i spent the equivalent of a large yearly deductible. if this had been more complex than it was, or required further treatment, i would have been tapping into retirement funds and other savings devices ... and have 'preconditions' that insurance wouldn't cover. but what came very clearly to mind is that most diseases are treated outpatient these days. having 'disaster' coverage won't help cancer, parkinsons, aids, heart disease or any other long-term condition. my first move, now that i'm 'clean,' is to get better coverage immediately. i expect a spanking from alwin ...

it's *party time* tonight at dangerousmeta!

okay folks! the health report is in. the cardiologist says that under heavy strain, there are no arrhythmias. no blockages. the mitral valve prolapse is *very* borderline, nonsymptomatic. the arrhythmias appear during recovery, light and moderate strain ... but are benign. blood work was completely clear ... low cholesterol, low lipids, no thyroid. blood pressure excellent. i am officially free to exercise at any level i wish. but i have a warning to manage my stress levels better. and now, i have to just get used to the feeling of occasional arrhythmias.

net-security.org: apache directory listing vulnerability.

called the physician; "oops, we forgot to call the cardiologist." yep, this is santa fe, all right.

still awaiting my physician's diagnosis. watching the telephone. chinese water drop torture.

i'm going out of character, and repeating two links from last night. i think they're important. the first, an m.i.t. professor being silenced over missile defense. he raises a very important point, one that i'd like you all to remember. current anti-ballistic missile defenses can't distinguish between a decoy missile and a live warhead missile ... and they're never likely to be able to. the second link is about the chinese perspective on missile defense. this gives more background and explanation about the national missile defense plan than i've seen elsewhere. they want to deploy 100 silos of missiles in alaska ... and those 100 missiles should be able to stop about 25 'rogue' missiles. a 4/1 kill ratio, under what i assume are good conditions ... weather factors will probably raise that ratio. now, my point is ... manufacturing a couple dozen decoy missiles, and having one warhead missile, would be a very cost effective way to nullify this entire national missile defense scheme. this whole idea is not going to work. it's not going to be a deterrent, except to raise the 'entry' cost for attacking america. it may buy us a few years, unless the entry cost is high enough to bankrupt any 'rogue nation'. maybe that's the point; to buy time in order to develop laser and microwave solutions ... or, as i fear, space-based solutions. then again, maybe the nmd would buy us time to respond in a non-nuclear way to an rogue attack. i'm still trying to wrap my head around this concept, to see what it buys us. anyway, read through all this and see what you think. if i lived in western canada, i'd be reinforcing my roof right about now ...

santa fe new mexican: the wildfire up in grand teton intensifies. it apparently started in a campground.

times of india: even a slip of the tongue can engender international paranoia.

international herald tribune: the first information age.

reuters: prince philip puts his foot in it again. we've got g.w., they've got philly.

reuters: bush not seeking kyoto alternatives. why the phobia for international treaties?

reuters: on the missile shield, moscow remains firm. in spite of white house spin, it looks like missile defense is up against the wall. if we break the treaty, how trustworthy are we?

zope: lots of good stuff. but how 'bout this? a binary installer of zope 2.4 for mac os x?

kumo: software design guidelines.

cnet news.com: more microsoft xml plans next week.

installation of a secure linux web server. straightforward.

security portal: why should i harden my system?

linux focus: okay, i love stuff like this. run a webserver from a ram disk? fun.

macnn: new 640 mb compact flash card.

the register: overclock a g4.

cnn: wildflowers on the highway. if you've ever been through arkansas on i-40, you will agree with me ... stop worrying about mowing! repave the darned road!

"good morning, your website is no longer an error" ... thanks, internetseer. i think i knew this already.