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and how was your sunday? got a lot done ... and also got to do some *real* exercise, finally. the toll? 25 cactus spines in the arch of my foot, two scrapes on the left forearm, one behind the head ... and a thorough sunburn. i'll have to pluck the burrs out of my clothes with tweezers before i wash 'em. you may not believe it, but i'm ecstatically happy.

one thing i definitely have to do ... for all that my 'arrhythmia' is benign, it bothers me at odd times. i intend to focus my exercise more on the aerobic, in hopes that lowering my resting heart rate will alleviate some of the more annoying instances. i have to laugh ... i have a book on meditation, and it advises "concentrate on your heartbeat" ... oh, yeah. but the basic idea is to not overtly pay attention to it anymore; hard, after seeing it as a signpost of illness. it'll take a couple of weeks to retrain my awareness, i guess. all good things come in time.

it's sunny and beautiful, and i've got things to do. well, i said that yesterday ... and found moments to blog. so i may have postings here today, or i may not. you'll just have to wonder ...