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we're turning circles, baby
we're never satisfied
we fall from grace, forget we can fly
but through all the tears that we cry
we'll survive

post-diagnosis at harrys road house

reuters: ok, if there aren't going to be any violations of the abm treaty anytime soon, then what the heck is the bush white house talking about? what's the all-fired rush?

congrats! metafilter makes a million hits in a single month!

for those of you who miss the *blink* tag ... more fun than a pop-under.

the xml-based news industry text format.

salon: in-teresting. the previous two missile defense tests incorporated the same beacon as this last one. and you'll remember, those previous two were failures. underlines how difficult this scheme is.

apache today: netcraft survey shows iis up, apache down. but it's solaris losing market share that's the cause, not the innate nature of apache.

cnn: pda on glass.

new statesman: return the classics to school curriculums. a *very* good article. i would also point out, there are certain 'universals' in the human experience that transcend time and place. it is comforting, especially as a teenager, to know that you are not so alone ... that others have broken the trail, and survived.

new york post: what's mtv done for you lately? i don't know. the dire straits video, 'money for nothing' got me more interested in 3d animation, and the ever-rising quality of effects pushed technology in the live audio/video industry. though now you're more likely to find expensive or creative effects in movies ...

public broadcasting.net: make american museums free.

ananova: scientists are working on a high-tech swizzle stick to warn against date-rape and other drugs.

ananova: not just purple ketchup (see below), but lemon-flavored diet coke. but i used to have enamel on my teeth!

times of india: remember that whale in australia? the one people walked on to pet the feeding great white sharks? the police placed charges and blew it into pieces. i keep thinking it must smell wonderful, but then again, it's winter down there ...

international herald tribune: the apes of wrath. reviewing 'planet of the apes.' the apes = klingons. interspecies love triangle. threatened genocide. and charleton heston in the obligatory cameo. i think i'll wait for video or dvd rental.

international herald tribune: some like lance armstrong, some don't. some folks are affable, some are not. this article doesn't reveal all; i seem to remember consternation in europe over lemond's first win ... a mere american won?

hah. knew i'd get 'im with the powdered wine ...

vanilla tco. via traumwind.

osopinion: why open standards matter.

bbc sci/tech: ancient hominid dna discovered. my correction.

cnet: disposable cell phones. is this really necessary? or how about disposable battery-powered toothbrushes? that surprised me at the supermarket the other day. we already generate enough trash. remember that word processors were supposed to *save* trees? but the elusive concept of 'perfection' in business correspondence became a reality, and we began to burn reams of trees. a really green company would allow the use of white-out, once again ...

internet week: the free ibm mainframe.

embedded linux on the powerpc.

wired: panspermia. life originated in space? why on earth should that surprise anyone ... wait a second ... let me rephrase that ...

linux pr: the unix guide to defenestration.

good stuff at freshmeat: spreadsheet::write excel, postnuke, php auction system.

the register: a 133mbps interface for maxtor.

the register: adobe dmca protests spread to the u.k.

ny times has a lot of interesting things today. sorry for being a monomaniac. gaugin and van gogh.

ny times: a couple of articles about whether the u.s. is unilateralist or isolationist. we still have our fingers in selected international treaties, so generalizing about isolationism is inaccurate at present. editorial. article. it's not just the treaties themselves; it's that we need to be engaging with others at the international level, giving some back and forth. not standing back dictating terms. what concerns me most, is if we decide to break the abm treaty. on an international level, what's the point in getting the u.s. to sign a treaty, if we feel we can break it any old time we wish? i don't find breaking the abm reasonable or honorable for america.

ny times: drive and call on the cell phone? your brain's attention diminishes for *both* tasks. fascinating. i wonder about a.d.d. folks?

ny times: an mri goes horribly wrong. make sure there are no metal objects in the room.

ny times: storing radioactive waste at yucca mountain.

reuters: nothing as healthy as feeding kids artificial colorings ...

reuters: colin powell drools over ... volvos. you gotta be kidding.

happy one year anniversary, reutellog!

okay, another morning meeting. gotta make some cash back, fast. stopped at the post office, overheard a conversation that just about made me die laughing. a girl and a guy, 20's i'd say.

him: "... yah, the song's "sweet child of mine" ... y'know."
her: "oh yeah ... wasn't that kurt cobain?"
him: "nah, it was guns 'n' roses ..."
her: "that's right. why did kurt cobain kill himself, anyway?"
him: "because he only knew three chords ..."