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a 'royal' visitor this evening:

a regal visitor to the butterfly bush.

and the fetish bear, in his 'power' spot (in the sun's rays, looking east.). that's an lanceolate arrowhead tied on his back with rawhide.

the fetish bear. he glows red inside when he's placed in the sun.

forgot to mention; rented 'lola rennt' (run lola run). enjoyed it immensely. it's intense, not a 'relax' film. play the audio on a good sound system.

newsforge: is top-of-the-line worth the premium price?

lwn.net: zope security alert.

pah. what is it about mondays? everything planned goes to hell in a handbasket. my entire production schedule for today is in tatters. well, i went *into* it organized, at least ...

printing out color proofs. the old epson takes forever. guess i'll go nordictrack for a while ...

more of spicynoodles in ireland.

economist: a different view of 'environmentalism.' has the worst damage already been done, and we just have to sit and wait out the delayed effects?

boston globe: real books don't need tech support. to e-book or not to e-book ... that is the question.

bbc news: speculation as to poetess sylvia plath's suicide.

andrea, i forgot to mention: the fetish bear is in the sun for your exams, too.

xmlhack: svg continues moving forward.

ibm developerworks: first in a set of four 'programming in ruby' articles.

the elegance of just another perl hacker.

unixreview: zeus web server.

bbc: internet-enabled park bench. how very egalitarian ... perhaps a link to 'hotdumpsters.org'?

physicsweb: the physics of the web.

ny times op-ed: the nuclear august of 1945. a visitor to the immediate aftermath makes a few observations.

ny times: impressionists online, digital but diverse.

ny times: jeff "skunk" baxter of the doobie bros. is pro-missile defense. takin' fud to the streets ...

international herald tribune: kim jong il renews commitment to curb missile development.

reuters: capitalizing on the san francisco fatal dog attack. sick.

reuters: governors want to protect private lands.

cnn: multitasking is counterproductive.

[unintelligible murmur]