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i'm so blasted tired. i'll probably pick back up on this tomorrow. wiped.

back in the late '70's you could get cable wmmr in philadelphia and outskirts. they never played any top 40, only the more comprehensive cuts off albums. few ads. they were just fabulous back then, and it's a standard i hold others to. obviously their business model didn't work, but i think folks would pay today for a service like that.

washington post: all radio sounds the same, commercial or public. regionalism is a beautiful thing, and something to be proud of. mass-marketing and the economies of scale [as realized today] rob us of cultural diversity. i was listening to the radio while working out the other day, and realized as i did my usual after-every-song-channel-surf that three or four stations were using the same playlist, just time-altered. how many times can you stand to hear kiss "i want to rock and roll all night" in a row? and why in heaven's name don't stations stagger their news? who says you have to only hear news at the top and bottom of the hour?

ananova: once again, science needs to ask itself not whether something *can* be done, but whether it *should* be done. it's too early to start human cloning. this is a situation where the smallest errors will affect human lives, ones that can't [and shouldn't] be snuffed like a lab rat. clone organs or stem cells, sure. but until the animal experiments are more consistently reliable, it is irresponsible and *unethical* to approach human cloning *now.* rent 'frankenstein' again, or better yet read the novel.

international herald tribune: europe can do much to bridge the rift with the u.s. i hate to be pithy, but not a lot is going to happen with our president down in texas shooting gophers for a month. maybe tony blair can come over with a really great recipe for 'hog snouch' ...

santa fe new mexican: la madera residents want their post office. the u.s.p.s. wants to install metal cluster mailboxes by the side of the road. i love this: "don orie, another resident, said he backed his ford f-150 onto the excavation site." direct action ... it's not just for environmentalists!

nytimes op-ed: the myth of missile defense. a very important concept here: development of defensive weapons is a waste, because they're obsolete by the time they hit production. note also, the editor has followed the theme of an individual who sent a letter to the editor, calling missile defense a latter-day maginot line. now that's feedback!

reuters: youngsters shouldn't use creatine. i used to use creatine before workouts via a loading regimen, but found the price vs. performance wasn't worth the expenditure at my level of competition. even though it affects the atp-pc system, it didn't seem to help me significantly. the potential for renal failure sounds serious, so i'd leave this one alone until further study is done.

reuters: gm touts fuel cell technology.

reuters: larry adler, 'king of the harmonica', dead at 87.

i've had my nose in php code all day ... that, and rendering thumbnails. no matter how nice an automation script you set up, there's always a certain amount of hand-work that needs to be done in order to make things look nice 'n' tidy.

anyway, i'm here. what the heck i'm going to post at this late hour, i have no idea.

well, i was out at meetings this morn, and when i got back, dangerousmeta! was down. traceroute worked; proxy server couldn't handle a 'get' request?