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the motley fool tries to explain the tax rebate.

i can already feel fall in the air. the sunsets are happening much sooner, all of a sudden (of course, the afternoon storms make everything darker anyway) ... and the heat of the day never reaches those borderline-unbearable heights. but of course, being at 7500 feet, *every* night is cool. those golden days of perfect temperature, bronzing foliage, and no insect pests are just around the corner ...

not exactly how you would picture the high desert, is it? though some of the taller trees are already beginning to turn yellow, in preparation for fall.

but town is quite *green* at the moment ...

alameda, paralleling canyon

rain forms over the mountains and ridges first, then spins off in the afternoons. well, mostly. but that's what you see in the below photos. 28mm wide angle on both shots, i believe.

drivin' on the 599 bypass (brand new) in west santa fe ...

santa fe bypass

drivin' and shutterbuggin'

anybody need some water? we've gotten sluiced here. big thunderstorm, just hanging over southern santa fe. we've moved everything that'll hold water under the canales, collecting the precious stuff ... and they're overflowing.

yahoo news: cisco's earnings fall 99%?!

whitebeam looks interesting. xml and javascript.

ananova: 'lewinsky pants' are 'always ready.' and very popular in chile.

santa fe new mexican: those of us who conserve water, might get up to a 186% increase in our water bill. those who waste water, won't. read the article to figure out the twisted logic.

santa fe new mexican: the 2000 census undercounted new mexicans by almost 2 percent. that could take away up to 110 million dollars in federal aid packages.

times of india: bush gets hell for the holidays. an international perspective is always interesting, but i wonder. is america really upset about bush's month off, or is it just the reporters who are cranky about standing around in humid texas heat?

blackholebrain's back from the andromeda galaxy ... lord knows what he's going to radiate us with ...

this is london: book review on 'birders.' i grew up banding birds with a beloved aunt and uncle. want to give your kids a thrill? find out where birders are going this weekend. nothing like getting the you-know-what bitten out of your finger by an irate cardinal ...

national post: health nut alert. everything causes cancer.

zope: zwiki 0.9.4 released.

o'reilly: security alerts, linux ip masquerading.

duke of url: slackware linux 8.0.

the kursk recovery website.

freshmeat: php fasttemplate clone.

the register: an acrobat pdf virus. so, how long until the flash virus, shockwave virus, or quicktime virus?

newsforge: california court asserts jurisdiction over non-resident internet publisher. another important read. we need to keep an eye on this one.

slashdot: aeron chairs as stupidity barometers. hey, they don't fit everyone ... and your $700 might be better invested elsewhere. you'll recall i tried one, but my torso's way too long.

nytimes op-ed: nothing for something. a look at the social security privatization scheme. an important read. certainly the return on investment isn't great; but it has to be rock-solid guaranteed, not subject to the whims of the market.

wow ... it looks like the new update to icab displays the css in this webpage *almost* properly. color's there, but the navigation's at the bottom. can't wait.

ny times: shame on me. i forgot about the upcoming perseid meteor shower. and i've got the perfect place to watch ... the back courtyard. there are no outside lights in our community!

ny times: for those of you who poo-pooed the notion that the green party scavenges democratic votes.

reuters: ping pong balls spontaneously combust.

breathe new life into your newton with newtourage.

cnn: 'tween' fashions. 'dressed like a lounge singer.' does noone remember dirty bare feet, hip huggers, and tube tops? 60's and 70's. besides, glitter falls off. big deal.

new version of icab available.

another, more serious outage last night. i'm trying to find out what's up.