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now, what kind of meanness can i get into tomorrow? the mind boggles. see you mañaña ...

google search, i'm #2,3 for "pear pimples for hairy fishnuts." aw, cool.

speaking of exercise, i guess you could use a 'heart report.' it's good. co-q-10 helps, btw. i've been riding and nordictracking, trying to get my fitness level back to where it should be for the season (and dropping my resting heart rate below the 'skip' level). it's working. btw, if you have no other means of exercise, the nordictrack rules for total-body aerobics. they should issue one to every geek; we'd have fewer pudge pots at conferences that way. i've gotten up to 8 pounds arms, 20 pounds legs, with five minute sprints at 12/25 pounds. 35 minutes on weekdays; the weekends are when i do the hour-plus workouts. [if you've never used a nordictrack, it doesn't sound like much. try it.] i feel great. next step: mileage. rollerblades and heavyhands. possibly back on a climbing wall. i want to top wheeler peak before snow falls. then, colorado's 14-ers ...?

screwing around again. everyone seems to love bathroom mirror shots; i liked the strange angular light over my head. post-kreitler roller session on the bike (sweating like a bloody pig):

bathroom mirror shot, after kreitler session.

these are the nights to have friends over, break out the blankets and the lounge chairs, sit outside watching for meteors ... and talking about everything. until at least 3 a.m. golden.

nothing if not eclectic. also, any of the 'blade runner' soundtrack is great sitting outside in the dark.

i hope one of these nights clears off, so i can gander at the perseid meteor shower. sitting outside this evening, watching the sun fade, certain songs hit the spot. chris isaak, 'wicked game.' emmylou harris, 'ballad of a runaway horse.' neil diamond, 'holly holy.' neil young, 'unknown legend.' rolling stones, 'wild horses.' sara evans, 'saints and angels.' after the sun's set: police, 'tea in the sahara.' when the milky way comes out: jeff beck, 'diamond dust' and 'the final peace.'

webref: update to heirmenus.

freshmeat: xmltools. pygtk widgets for xml manipulations.

grant's got me curious; i'm planning to dig out my newton 120 out of it's hidey-hole this weekend. see if i can replace the main battery and jump-start it. i was playing with a palm the other day, but it's just too durned small for my big paws. the newton fit just right. it's just that it was so blasted slow ...

down again, in the middle of the day this time. not good. sorry.

times of india: indian stem lines part of u.s. research.

business 2.0: silicon valley and ayn rand.

ny times: teaching art students to market their creations, in addition to creating.

the economist: las vegas, city of culture? a guggenheim and a hermitage.

os opinion: microsoft tripling xp icon requirements.

bbc sci/tech: the famous ghost ship, 'mary celeste', discovered.

mac nn: internet explorer 5.5 sp2 windows will *never* use quicktime.

the register: 'how can you have a shooting in england?' no matter how much we democrats scream and yell, the reality is that banning handguns in britain hasn't stopped gun violence.

ny times op-ed: president bush waffles. on the stem cell decision, or non-decision.

ny times arts: currying favor from beyond.

international herald tribune: world-wise web teeming with traveler sites.

reuters: south korea says there's a third version of code red.

reuters: democrats form 'alternative foreign policy' to white house.

the register: 'hi fi nuking' cd copy protection safe, says developer.

byte: distributed os.

free os: a journey through be os 5.

joining the meme, i've submitted to screenshotstart. i used mozilla to do the screenshot just to be different.

which is more important: what is said, or what is true? unfortunately, i believe we know ...