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and now, it's raining pretty steadily, killing the opportunity to watch perseids tonight. oh, well. what's in the video library ...?

had a good mountain bike ride today, bar one thing. i lost my water bottle. mental note: two sources of water for desert riding ... one that can't get thrown out of the bottle cage (camelbak). one of these days i'm going to strap the hi-8 vidcam onto my helmet, and show y'all where i go.

"wrap your troubles in dreams, and dream your troubles away." doris day, frank sinatra, etc.

makes me wanna dance.

they're playing some excellent big band tunes over at ksfr tonight. two hours of 'women and big band.'

oh, and aaronland rules. content management is all around us; it's no longer an unknown niche. even macromedia flash does it now.

out to exercise ... back later.

okay, readers. if you're totally bored today, go here. highly recommended.

global free press: containing the rogue state. they're talking about us.

global free press: a very difficult to read article about 'intelligent design'. punctuation problems.

cnet: chrysler uses chat room to boost product.

vaults of parnassus: bobomail.

northern journey: upgrading your linux system.

the hobbitware.com intranet project.

slashdot: the trojan room coffee pot has been auctioned off. a real piece of 'net history.

ny times letter to the editor: margaret mead's critic. note the writer is from new mexico, where the effects on adolescents of nurture vs. nature is in your face, every day.

ny times travel: what's doing in venice.

ny times travel: why go to greece?

nytimes: greenpeace protestors at the a.b.m. test are being charged with a felony. playing hardball. 11 years, $500,000 bucks? apparently the military can't keep the safety zone clear of a dozen noncombatants ... makes you wonder how easy it is for pleasure boats to cruise into dangerous waters.

santa fe new mexican: brazilians learn pueblo skills. permaculture, building with mud plaster, etc.

reuters: double amputee to climb everest. one of these fine days, everest is going to bite back.

reuters: white house health bill compromise called deceptive. 1.5 million dollar cap on pain and suffering vs. the democrats 5 million. nope; this is deceptive. i would have preferred the democratic version, given the high costs of medical care today. if the award is going to be that much, one would imagine that it is for a condition that's going to last a lifetime. if a child, then that 1.5 mill has to last 70+ years? there was an article just a couple of days ago that jury and judge awards in negligence cases were *not* overly punitive. this is a compromise that was completely unnecessary.

reuters: rumsfeld in russia. i keep getting this feeling that president bush is using the same m.b.a. mentality, and sending lieutenants over to do the analysis. in this case, someone with 'more experience' is checking out the russians. i'm not saying that's bad. just interesting.

cnn: al gore returns to politics, in a small way. i like the beard.

tired today. don't know why. maybe it's mental.