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utne reader: the 'wash away thy sins' bath. i highly recommend 'kiss my face active athletic muscle relaxant.' aromatherapeutic, it's a big green bottle of bath goo. makes you feel good, and smell good.

utne reader: recommended recordings. shake yo' moneymaker, and quartetto gelato.

altered my xhtml headers a little bit. hope it doesn't wonk anyone out.

ink4art, 'the inkjet diner.' they have 'archival' inks for my epson 800.

webdesign is a very friendly little html programming environment for the mac. doesn't make xhtml valid code, however.

global free press: read about 'the women in black', putting themselves on the line in bethlehem with the palestinians.

global free press: by 2025, one in three people will not have access to 'sufficient water.'

msnbc: the intricacies of the 'digital camera scam.'

freshmeat: xmltv, process tvguide listings in xml.

times of india: bush administration and pakistan. where are these kinds of stories in the american media? or are we obsessed with examining our navels?

the international herald tribune looks at the new t-bird. no pictures!?!

thanks, alwin.

bbc: okay, the lunatic fringe. married archbishop returns to the vatican, leaving wife, who's on a hunger strike to get him back.

dot.kde.org: kde kiosk mode how-to.

turn around, and what happens? with all the rain we've had ... suddenly the desert's in bloom again. yellow and orange flowers, everywhere. lovely. and the late summer sunflowers line just about every road.

now, i've got to get some real work done. see ya later.

santa fe new mexican: due to conflicting legislation, new mexico may not be officially 'the land of enchantment.' we used to be 'the sunshine state' until florida usurped it.

santa fe new mexican: outside magazine honors its 'home town' by awarding santa fe 'dream town' status. oh, i gotta read this one ...

opera 5.05 for linux. java, plug-ins.

webmasterbase: who owns the copyright to your website?

mac central: lightwave 7.

xmlhack: w3c has an rdf validation service.

newsforge: secretaries use linux, taxpayers save millions.

wired: automatically-shifting bicycles. these things have been around for eons. question is, how much does it weigh?

ny times: dmca double-bind.

freshmeat: sandstorm, xml-rpc hailstorm clone.

kuro5hin: programming and separation from reality.

the register: u.s. internet use increases.

php-nuke 5.1 released.

zdnet internetweek: 'underdog' open source databases.

ny times: genetically engineered tomatoes that thrive in salty soils. but have they been tested for toxicity to animals *and* other plants? what about cross-pollination to 'normal' tomatoes?

ny times: the justice department finds flaws in the wen ho lee/los alamos investigation.

ny times: william manchester, after two strokes, isn't able to complete his trilogy on churchill. good lord, who cares about the book ... what can we do for the man?

ny times: a groundbreaker. charleston, south carolina mulls a slavery museum. out of the shadows of america's past, new understanding?

reuters: artists testify on internet royalties.

reuters: l.a. judge rules artist can parody 'barbie' in art.

reuters: george is coming to albuquerque. let's hope he knows how to spell 'potato' ...

gracious. where would the world be without non-disclosure agreements? reading over two, for potential upcoming business. one is complete on a single page, the duration of the nondisclosure four years. the second is ten pages long (no fooling), and wants the duration of the agreement to be continuous unto my children's children's children. in other words, the company i'd contract with would have the ability to litigate against my grandchildren. phooey. i know which project i'll take. i have no patience for paranoid clients; my word is my bond.

good morning. we had a gully washer yesterday evening, and in the wee hours of last night. i have to do a walk-around the property, make sure my driveway hasn't been washed away. the window in my office has betrayed a copious leak, probably needs recaulking above ...