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reuters: for most of us, one grave is plenty. deceased bluesman robert johnson has three. almost like mozart.

reuters: pavlodar, kazakhstan is having a lethal plague of black widow spiders. i hate spiders.

reuters: pentagon says the 'hit to kill' missile shield "not a sure thing."

bbc sci/tech: mystery dna in genetically modified soybeans.

bbc sci/tech: a world war two british bomber is slowly being revealed in an icelandic glacier.

cnet: egghead files for bankruptcy. fire sale at fry's?

mac central: a macintosh was the 'brain' of the nasa helios unmanned plane.

cnn: the zeppelin returns to the skies. when i visit germany at some point in the future, this is #1 on the list of things to do.

freshmeat: reptile, a 'peer to peer content syndication engine.'

i believe there's a cosmic rule book, the reading of which separates idiots from savants. chapter 2,523 ... first rule of outdoor fountain maintenance: don't look in the output tube whilst shaking the pump. i just got a snootful.

ananova: 24-hour pole dancing marathon ... for cancer research. i wonder if anyone in the audience made it all the way through.

ananova: world's smallest sculpture? no bull.

the hanna-barbera index. cartoon video grabs.

lwn.net: guido van rossum and jim fulton on python, zope and common purpose.

got tired of the nuclear bomb pic. changed the color slightly, trying to stay in earth tones. i like the conundrum between 'dangerousmeta' [digital] and the biohazard symbol [analog]. whatever. i'll change it again in about a week, probably.

santa fe new mexican: an exciting news day. the city pool has a leak. they used the water to irrigate a lawn. i wonder if the chlorine'll burn the grass?

global free press: taiwanese sweat shops. i had an assistant who went to work in taiwan. a mecca for illegal cd and software copying, as well.

the apple imac is three years old. got any teeth?

xmlhack: new release for redfoot rdf database/viewer/editor framework.

webreference: modal and modeless dialog boxes.

wired: taxpayers in north carolina fight to save macs in their school system. concept? windows consultation will cost more, raising taxes.

linux security: encrypted email has flopped.

linux today links to heise online, and a 'how do you use linux' article.

slashdot: slimdevices ethernet mp3 player.

ny times op-ed: the rumsfeld trip to moscow was a disappointment. putin wanted hard numbers, rumsfeld wanted vague estimates. even to me, this sounds like the u.s. is looking to engineer some kind of loophole.

ny times: david hockney's photo collages.

ny times travel: the finger lakes region of new york.

ny times: the speed of light might be changing. there are no constants?

international herald tribune: north/south korean relations chill.

reuters: 40 state governors *want* an internet sales tax. maybe they could drum up more support if they could give hard evidence of the internet scavenging local businesses. new businesses have been popping up like crazy, along with national chains here in santa fe. where's the problem?

reuters: humans 'easier' to clone than animals? out of all the facets, the fact that one is 'easier' means we should do it? before risking human life, i'd perfect the 'more complicated' animal cloning.

oops. drowned lizard in a rain barrel. poor thing.