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a good workout tonight. did my 10 mile mtb route, and cut four minutes off the time. the nordictrack is working wonders for total body stamina. recovery times are amazing. in the past, i've usually emphasized strength over aerobic fitness ... but now that's been thrown awry. i've got much more *usable* energy and strength doing it this way.

here's that firepit on top of the three million dollar house:

what a pit.

a lot of people at indian market this year (grab shots from my hip; excuse the hairy knee):

indian market 3, in the plaza proper.

indian market 2, looking directly at the palace of the governors.

indian market 1, lincoln.

t'sall good at zopenewbies today.

then again, maybe it was the clunk on the head.

cnet news.com: new chips from amd.

mac central: change os x's appearance with tinkertool.

webreference: dynamic sites with xml, xslt and jsp.

for some strange reason, today i feel like i'm in the ocean ... being pulled by current in a direction i don't want to go. it's taking some effort to get out of it.

two goodies at vaults of parnassus: compact html, and htmltmpl.

onlamp: an introduction to ldap.

canada computes: best linux browsers.

o'reilly: consolidating servers under linux.

wired: the pentagon's arms race against itself.

cnet: hp reveals dvd-rw drive.

macnn: apple leaks details on iphoto.

linuxtoday: win4lin lays off all but five employees.

minuteman missile silo gets imploded.

the register: handspring slices pda prices 25%.

netbeans: learn java with open source tools.

mac observer: running yellow dog linux on a non-apple ppc.

slashdot: the dcma is just the beginning. read this.

slashdot: what's happening with opengl?

bbc: hitler had a taste for rare violins. the question is, where are they?

bbc: britain tells greece they can't have the parthenon marbles back.

another proposal done. one to go.

times of india: buddhist stupa rises in the rockies.

chick's discount saddlery is having a big saddle sale.

lots of good reading, but enough ny times.

ny times: global arms sales are up, and who's the number one retailer? you're right.

ny times: the fight over lewis & clark's 'decision point.'

ny times: u.s. news and world report rates colleges ... and gets some flak.

ny times: federal pullout endangers northeast pollution suit. i would comment, but why? just buy stock in american electric power if the administration succeeds in killing this suit.

international herald tribune: apple cube becomes modern-day relic.

reuters: dot-bombs loading the used-furniture market. aeron chairs as low as $170. the story of the aeron might be the story of the dot-com economy ...

reuters: bono flies back to be with dying father after each gig. you've got to let people know how you feel while they're still alive. bono, go for it.

cnn: the sharks are having a picnic in florida. are they overpopulated, or is it lack of prey that drives them to lunch on local swimmers?

taoism over zen. this morning, i got up, showered, ate breakfast, walked into my office. turned on the ceiling fan. turned on the computers. then, saw a spider on the ceiling. i hate spiders. can't stand 'em. so, concentrating totally on the spider, i stand up on a chair, and *wham* ... get knocked silly by the ceiling fan. taoism urges you to remain in the world, while zen asks you to concentrate on a single point. i was zen this morning, and got a whack on the head for my troubles. [stupid, stupid, stupid.] when you least expect it, you're on the front lines for the next 'darwin award' ...

jeesh, i'm tired. got two more proposals to do today.