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phpbuilder: optimizing postgresql.

versiontracker: mac os 9.2.1. faster classic launch? 67 megs.

the murder of carlo guiliani, the protester killed at the g8 summit. a photo gallery with commentary. graphic. via randomwalks.

dang, i'm freaking busy today.

newsforce: review of the new amd duron "morgan" 1ghz chip.

xmlhack: dbxml, open source xml database. beta.

linux journal: virtual network computing.

dot com builder: getting started on developing web services.

osopinion: graphics guru gets gimpy.

freshmeat: citecast web content management. php.

dpreview: sony dsc-f707, 5 megapixel review.

the register: icann approves widespread domain cybersquatting. slow access today.

kuro5hin: what religion for geeks? communion with jolt cola and a 'wafer-thin mint'?

linux security: using ssh.

debian planet: porting debian to win32?

london review of books: a spot of firm government.

time: anyone with a website is a critic. guilty as charged.

andante: is a critique of critics necessary?

ny times letter to the editor: do unruly kids need drugs?

ny times: hiking a glacier in patagonia.

ny times: illustrating familiar tales for a new generation.

ny times: fed may cut interest rates again today. i keep contemplating refinancing the mortgage, but the banks are not reflecting these deep cuts in the prime rate. i don't know what greenspan has to do, but someone has to get the banks to release their purse strings a little bit.

santa fe new mexican: woman in mora county killed by a bear. she may have been outside, or inside her home. a bear and her two cubs have been spotted near the atalaya trail in santa fe, as well. i hope folks remember that where a grizzly can't climb a tree to save it's life, a black bear can.

santa fe new mexican: students sentenced in dry-ice bomb incident. i don't agree with this at all. this shouldn't have been a felony. yet, the two 'assistants' will have no record after their year of probation. but the kid who thought it up is going to have a record! there was no malicious intent here ... otherwise, why use dry ice and soda bottles? once upon a time, educators used to recognize the fact that juveniles were kids with relatively unchallenged active minds. this kid's smart, and needs more guidance and opportunity to learn ... not a record. i mean, c'mon, get real. who hasn't been through middle school, or high school, with some stupid malicious kid flushing a cherry bomb down the toilet? now i ask you ... which is a felony?

international herald tribune: a most impressive mess: francis bacon's studio.

international herald tribune: a painting taken hostage?

reuters: i admire anthony hopkins. this has got to be the fifth or sixth time i've seen a major media source seem to denigrate him because he doesn't wallow in his stardom, or his 'craft.' he seems to concentrate on the 'now', maybe a little bit towards the immediate future.

reuters: bush to defend his tax cut against upcoming budget report. most of the surplus is in the social security retirement system. okay, hold on to your seat. here comes a mind-bomb for you. bush campaigned that social security wasn't a lucrative enough investment, what with a quoted ... 2%? ... return? and what is the investment that is generating our surplus? that very same low-return rock-solid social security? i don't pretend to understand it all, but there's a fundamental disconnect someplace. surely we must have investments that do better, and create more surplus than this.

reuters: pentagon proceeds on abm test site in alaska. is building missile defense an overt act of aggression? by destabilizing the current balance, it would seem so.

killed another spider this morning, only *this* time i made sure the ceiling fan was off.