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global free press: india's a bit miffed that an american company won patent rights to three strains of basmati rice. bio-piracy! patents are becoming their own worst enemy.

webgenz, another content management system. a dime a dozen, really.

cnet: price cuts for titanium powerbook.

skunkweb looks like a zope clone. stml?

it-director.com: how many linux distributions does it take to make a profit? wondered that myself.

i'm hoping it's the phase of the moon, and this will all pass in a little bit.

and of course, today, a semi towing a big double-wide house decided to pull a 270 degree turn in the middle of 599. drove over curbs, exit ramps, everything. wildest thing i ever saw; this huge partially-constructed stucco nightmare doing donuts in the middle of an interstate.

with this site down yesterday, i didn't get a chance to tell you ... almost got crushed yesterday. i met a client over at felipe's tacos, on st. mike's. during lunch, we heard a crash and tinkling of glass. about ten feet or so away, someone didn't shift their car out of first gear ... they jumped the curb, crashed through the window of the store next door. a few feet over, it would have been myself and my client. to be honest, that's the *second* time i've been near such a circumstance. strip malls, with parking spaces facing large floor-to-ceiling windows (with no guard rails), are just a really bad idea. just reminds one, that you should enjoy today. you're not promised tomorrow.

gotta get to a meeting. see ya later, gator.

linux journal: apache 2.0. apache rules, everyone else drools.

i love this: 'andrea names new ceo.' well now ... she could have at least *told* us she was a corporation, not an individual ... (grin)

mozillaquest: red hat ecommerce suite.

wired: palm pdas in class.

hoover's: qwest refuses to refund customers for code red downtime. for those of you who don't know, qwest bought u.s. west, our *only* phone company in new mexico. before the takeover, qwest had slammed us no less than three times. so now, the 'shark' is our only option. deregulation is good?

dp review: nikon coolpix 885.

linuxhardware: find the best motherboard for athlon and linux. slower than death. taking you to their front page.

reuters: exodus willing to sell out. three board members flew the coop.

reuters: social security team eyes benefit cuts. i don't trust the party that has historically wanted to obliterate social security to be the ones 'fixing it.'

reuters: canadian round-the-world sailor almost killed by 'mexican pirates.'

reuters: four americans killed in mexico. border towns are bad. it's not the stereotypical sleepy little town, with burrito-eating sombreros under each porch. later: whoops. le marquis d'monquis pointed out that the town mentioned in the article isn't a border town. well, mexico still ain't cleveland ...

reuters: paraglider stunt pilot gets snagged on lady liberty. such strange goals people set.

cnn: no big winner in powerball, making it another huge pot this weekend. i don't care what you say; it's fun to spend $5 when it's a big pot, and spend three dreaming of nice things.

cnn: kennedy pushed for the moon landing. newly released white house tapes.

dns problems continue. fixes in the works.