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mother jones: power to the affluent, pollution to the people. building power plants in mexico to feed american appetites.

we often forget how affluent a society we are. next time someone complains, show them this picture.

a picture of the next 'bond' car, a proper aston martin. it's about time he got back to the real deal.

come to think of it, school's almost back in session. might the curmudgeon return?

thunderstorms tonight again. great light show.

mulberry moves to 2.1 with filtering. both windows and mac, if you use imap instead of pop.

reuters: radio waves kill zebra mussels. note they checked to see what it would do to other marine life. bravo.

reuters: experts say we have a unique opportunity to deal with north korea.

books online.uk: review of 'the skeptical environmentalist.' the author has "... an impeccably leftish background and a transparent independence of mind. and he is not complacent."

wa-hooo. another item off my to-do list. down to three biggies, from nine.

downloaded the beoplayer for mp3's. maybe i'm excessively stupid today, but it's not very intuitive.

cnn tech: is internet growth beginning to 'hit the stops'?

newsforge: open network management software update.

the register: windows xp ... mac? look, it even supports older g3's ...

global free press: 30,000 nagasakis. cheaper to buy the plutonium now, rather than have to spend to defend against it later.

bbc sci-tech: dna tracing humanity's silk road forebears.

cnet: 64-bit windows. i was wondering when 64 bit chips were going to go mainstream.

mac central: ofoto to offer larger print sizes, archive cd.

linux magazine: tuning mysql for optimum performance.

wired: the do-it-yourself power grid at burning man.

yahoo finance: 10 gigabits-per-second cable modem.

macnn: apple buyout of palm discussed. bring back the newton, guys ... please?

tech tv: 'leave linux to the geeks.' this hits a couple of points in my mind. who is linux for? if linux only empowers geeks, then their market share will ever remain small. the ratio of geeks vs. 'everyman' is quite large. i should think linux would split off on two tracks; the high-end (geek/server) and the low end (gui/everyman). why force the poor thing to be everything to everybody? we've already got enough of those ...

freshmeat: formhandler. php. modular. though there's a script i've been using that i like pretty well; i'll compare the two later this week.

the register: minolta dimage 7.

static electricity can blow out your handheld. i can see it now: no polyester pants guys, and no nylons ladies.

santa fe new mexican: the public library is 'biocompromised', and may close for up to four months. mold. workers are having diarrhea, eye problems, even hallucinations. yuck-o.

ny times: the pyramids may not have been 'miraculously' aligned to the north.

ny times: the aspen center for physics. not too shabby ...

ny times: 'judicial watch' is after condit. back to the good old days of 'politics of personal destruction'?

ny times: should the government do an environmental impact assessment for abm tests?

reuters: in hollywood, it's 'half pint' vs. 'rhoda.'

reuters: polar bear raids camp, ignores food, takes toothpase and vitamins.

webtrends live seems to be lagging, only totalling the stats for the site after midnight. maybe they're encouraging folks to stop checking stats so frequently, to reduce load.

had a light rain all last night. smells good this morning, aided by a little homemade cinnamon toast ...

i've got to turn 'n' burn today, so postings may be thin.