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osopinion: expert hacks hotmail and passport in one line of code.

thanks to those who asked. my brother dan came through surgery with flying colors. his ruptured disc had wrapped around the sciatic nerve. he's got a few staples, but can lie down flat again. he's *very* happy, and back home recovering. he was raving about the austin, texas spine institute. he recommends them highly.

the new republic: andrew sullivan defends gary condit. or maybe i should rephrase that. he defends an even more important concept: 'innocent until proven guilty.'

bbc sci/tech: german genetically-modified tomatoes offer health benefits. how very cool. they've "... engineered in a way that prevents its new genes from passing to other crops ..." see? i'm not a luddite. i just insist that science take responsibility for their developments. yay, germany!

the register: torvalds ... ms is hailstorm no threat.

freshmeat: a new version of phpmyadmin.

an inquiry via email: how long did it take you to change servers for dangerousmeta using zope?

answer: including setting up the imeme account, one hour. half an hour to export from the previous server as .zexp files, another half-hour to scp them to my import folder on the new server, and then virtually no time to import them into zope itself. i required no interaction with the host, because imeme has the domain name/virtual host monster relationship completely automated, and unbelievably slick. i even set up new email boxes within that hour, on another 'net hookup. keep in mind also, i have two years worth of posts and pictures; a lot of stuff.

sqlboss, an sql gui tool.

thinking about switching to a stand-up computer desk. tired of sitting all the time. found some plans, but still looking for something pre-constructed.

reuters: dot-com closure rate continues to slow. the worst is over?

the 'seven straw men of meta-data utopia.' via webdesign-l

reuters: strom thurmond isn't 'mentally keen.' we have age minimums for some political posts; why not maximums?

upi, via vny: headlines herald recession threat. nice to see a media source that recalls the bush administration recession of 91/92. "... the longer bush succeeds in delaying the onset of recession, the more he is likely to suffer for it ..."

sambucus, free time tracking software for mac.

linux programming: python-url.

happy 1st b-day, raph!

bbc: new drama shows queen victoria as young and lusty. a bit of a change from the usual dusty black lace.

the register: dangerous new worm, ostensibly from 'microsoft.' watch out!

yahoo news: 'women warriors of the yang family.' empowerment is a beautiful thing, isn't it? doubt they'll use shawn colvin for the soundtrack ...

global free press: the next guy's racism. check out the rez, or texas' attitude towards mexicans. remember about the biblical 'plank in the eye' ...

global free press: the minimum wage ... it just doesn't add up. nafta and fast-track put thumbscrews to the minimum wage, i'm sure. but we live in america, and have to pay american prices. raising the minimum wage has never killed a healthy business, or put a restraint on growth. it has, however, made millions of lives better.

linux journal: vi improved.

topxml: entity name support without dtd's.

bbc sci/tech: gravitational lensing observed. einstein was correct.

vaults of parnassus: pyrite, formerly palm python.

zdnet: windows on linux.

consultingtimes: city of largo, florida, adopts all-linux groupware solution.

geeknews: xmradio, via satellite.

80211 planet: 54 mbps wireless.

macnn: ati, intel announce support for firewire.

sitellite content management system. php.

idg: at linuxworld, debate over linux as an alternative to windows.

u.s. copyright office: advisory on the dmca. pdf.

after mentioning 'grace bros.' yesterday, i'm singing 'chanson d'amour.' i might even record some 'rat-tat-tats' so i can double-click 'em on cue. been working too hard this week, hmmm?

every so often, i visit another studio. i see some really neat desktop environments ... you know, desktop pictures, custom fonts, etc. i get back home, and play for a day or two. then, it all gets dumped. why? 'cause i perceive a slowdown in my core programs. let no eye candy stand between me and getting things done faster.


santa fe new mexican: allure, the lingerie shop, is getting an escort service's business. top story.

nytimes: a duck's bill + ostrich legs = dinosaur?

ny times: in a rare case of republican vs. republican, ashcroft is given an ultimatum by burton.

ny times: u.s. may help chinese evade net censorship.

international herald tribune: in hegemony, putin has a target.

reuters: the european union widens its probe of microsoft to windows media player.

reuters: the u.n. urges the u.s. to keep space weapons-free.

reuters: the alaska drilling issue seems to be coming down to jobs vs. environment. and you know who traditionally wins those types of conflicts.

can't get any gription.